Managing and Freeing Up Hard Drive Space in Windows 11

  We all store files of various types on our computers such as pictures, documents, music files and so on. Plus the software and apps we have installed on our computers have… Read More

4 Ways to Recover Data from a Dead External Hard Drive

Find out how to get your precious data back   The importance of an external hard drive cannot be overemphasized when it comes to data transfer and storage. We can transfer and… Read More

SATA vs. SSD vs. NVME Hard Drives

Which type of hard drive is best for you?   With todays computers getting faster and faster as well as cheaper at the same time, it makes sense that you would want… Read More

How to Resize a VirtualBox VM Hard Disk

Instantly give your VMs more hard drive space!   VirtualBox uses what they call Virtual Disk Images (VDI) as virtual hard drives for storage on their virtual machines and these virtual hard… Read More

Intel Optane Memory

Do you want to make your hard drive faster?   If you pay any attention to the latest and greatest technology and how it seems to improve on a daily basis in… Read More

Windows Storage Management and Cleanup

Time For Some Windows 10 Spring Cleaning!   Windows 10 is the latest and greatest (and supposedly last) version of the Microsoft Windows desktop operating systems and it comes with many new… Read More

EaseUS Data Recovery Software

Recover that lost data!   With computers being such an important part of our life it only makes sense that we need to treat our data as if it were made of… Read More

Extending and Shrinking a Hard Drive Volume

Shrink or extend your hard drive volumes in Windows We all know about the concept of hard drive space because when we try to copy some pictures or music to our smartphones… Read More

Peripherals for Your Computer

Choose the right PC peripherals for your computer Now that you have your new computer you may be wondering what kinds of new and exciting things you can do with it. There… Read More

SATA vs. SAS Hard Drives

Have the Office Configuration Analyzer Tool scan your computer for Office issues Hard drives are the component inside computers that store your information in the form of files. They are also what… Read More
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