How to Create a RAID1 Mirrored Volume in Windows and Restore it When You Have a Disk Failure

Data redundancy the cheap and easy way!   RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) has been around for many years and offers a way for us to have data redundancy by using… Read More

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Proxies

Is using a proxy the right choice for you?   The internet has changed the world. It has transformed how people receive and send information. The internet has become that exciting part… Read More

7 Steps to Develop a Successful Cybersecurity Marketing Campaign

Helpful tips for your cybersecurity business   Cybersecurity has become an inevitable component of every business’s success strategy. Protecting the business data and information from unwanted cyber-attacks is obligatory, especially if you… Read More

5 Ways This Network Proxy Tool Can Help Your Business

Proxies can be used for more than just security.   Proxies are often associated with bypassing content restrictions or appearing to be in a particular location for similar reasons. Proxy servers are… Read More

Bart File Synchronization Utility

When was the last time you did a backup of your files?   If you haven’t learned your lesson yet when it comes to baking up your files then you might end… Read More

How neural networks can help with learning

Can we apply our brain’s network to computer networks?   Neural networks are widely used in learning and many other applications today. These neurons learn and implement heavy functions in iterative procedures.… Read More

Surviving the Data Apocalypse: The Essential Data Backup Tools for Small Businesses

Surviving the Data Apocalypse: The Essential Data Backup Tools for Small Businesses By Tiffany Bloomer, President, Aventis Systems   Someone screams. A siren sounds. A dim, flickering light bulb dangles overhead. Papers… Read More
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