What Is Antivirus And Is It Still Needed In 2022?

What is Antivirus Software and is it Still Needed in 2022?

  In the early days of personal computing, antivirus software was a necessity. In fact, it was pretty much the only defense against malware and other online threats. But most antivirus programs… Read More

IP Address Sharing Has Never Been a Good Idea. Find Out Why

The dangers of sharing your IP address You may not be new to stories of social media accounts and email accounts being hacked, or incidents of victims whose credit card details were… Read More

Why Should Businesses Invest in an Antivirus?

Is your business protected from online threats?   Why Should Businesses Invest In an Antivirus? Cyber-attacks are real. They are crippling business establishments. They are putting people’s lives at risk. In a… Read More
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