The 10 Major Hardware Components Of A Computer System And How You Should Handle Them

Do you know what makes your computer tick?   The hardware components of the computer system are the parts of the computer that can be handled physically. They are the basic part… Read More

Benefits of Buying a Gaming PC Even If You are Not a Gamer

Are you ready for your new PC?   A gaming computer comes with essentially the same parts as a regular work computer. However, there are significant differences between these components. Gaming PCs… Read More

AMD and Qualcomm Moving in on Intel PC Processor Dominance

Who Will be the Future King of the Processor? When it comes to desktop computer processors and even server processors, Intel has enjoyed being the king of the CPU for some time… Read More

Older Versions of Windows to Suffer the Most from the Spectre & Meltdown Patches

Should you be concerned about the Spectre & Meltdown patches? Windows users are used to seeing warnings about viruses, spyware and security flaws for Windows but once in a while it’s not… Read More

CPU-Z Hardware Information Utility

Unless you are the type that builds your own computers you may have no idea what type of hardware you have inside of yours. Then again you might not really care! Sure… Read More

Checking for Bad Hardware and Configuring Hardware

Not all computer problems are software related. Hardware can go bad as well and can even be bad right from the store. Hardware problems can often be more difficult to diagnose since… Read More
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