Ways To Protect Yourself Against Cybercrime – Hacking

Is your computer safe from online threats?


Every individual and business goes through some kind of cybercrime once a lifetime. Hacking is a significant threat of cybercrime nowadays. It happens due to the rapid increase of hackers.

The more secure and private you are, the less likely you are to be hacked. Hackers search for easily accessible information that you leave lying around for them to crack into.

So is there a way to remove and prevent spyware and cybercrimes? Well, there sure is. For its maximum prevention, you can rely on many advances and reliable options mentioned below:

1. Antivirus Software
Antivirus software is meant to protect your device from being hacked into or used by a cybercriminal. You should also keep your antivirus software updated, always. Good antivirus software will notify you when an update is available. In fact, the reputable software automatically updates its system and file when the latest update available.


2. Logging Information
Certain websites ask you for your personal data or bank account related information before letting you surf around their website. You need to be particular and restricted about using those websites. Data manipulation threats and strategies to prevent them mainly include setting a strong password. It should be a combination of numbers, alphabets, and special characters. Such a trick will make your password non-traceable. Try to make different passwords for different accounts for greater protection.

Website login screen


3. Privacy To The Max
It has become a trend for people to post their daily routines and outings on social media platforms. Popular and trending influencers reportedly get hacked more than ten times as compared to normal people. The reason behind this is the easy access to information gathered by hackers. So keeping a private account with minimum personal information is good prevention.


4. Limit Using Open Wi-Fi
Public Wi-Fi is fine as long as you have a VPN before using it. You can also avoid using public internet as it is never secured. You can always opt for your mobile network’s internet for any emergencies.


5. Advertisement Blocker
Artificial intelligence affects cybersecurity very positively. Ad blockers are a great example of that. Once you install and buy an ad blocker for your browser, you can surf the internet freely without having to face any ad pop-ups which sometimes carry malware. So ad-blockers should become a mandatory installation for secured browsing.

Website Popups


6. Virtual Private Network
VPN is a virtual private network that is necessary for net surfing without any fear of identity theft. It keeps you safe and secure and that too even when you’re connected to an open internet connection. With a virtual private network, your browsing history will not be interrupted or looked into, and your IP address and location will be secured.


7. Downloading Apps
To avoid hacking, you should always check the reviews and overview of the applications and only download the ones with a good reputation. Keeping apps updated is also significant.


8. Turning Off Some Mobile Features
When you’re off to bed, make sure to turn off some features like Wi-Fi connection for security purposes. Also, you can put your mobile phone to airplane mode for more safety as it’ll put every application to rest.


9. Email Scams
You should always check out the links sent in emails rather than just reading the words mentioned in hyperlink for maximum safety as some emails contain viruses too. Even some links take you to an ordinary page while stealing your account data silently. So, be careful with each email.

Email Phishing


10. Security Question
Keeping an easy answer for a security question is not a good practice. Hackers are becoming active and can guess your mother’s maiden name or from where you got your schooling from, very quickly just by a simple search. So you want to be as crazy and creative as you can be when setting a security question. For instance, if the question is “what is the name of your first pet?” then you simply answer it with a date or a year (numerically) for some clever protection.


11. Webcam Scam
Whenever you’re not using the web camera, chances are that you can get spied on very easily! To avoid this situation, you can always put a tape on your lens when not in use for utmost surety. The painter’s tape is the perfect type for this as it easily gets removed afterward without leaving any sticky residue on your device.


These were some of the most helpful and popular methods of prevention of hacking and cybercrimes. You can find more precautionary means of preventing different spyware attacks and get useful information through thorough research for sure.


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