Removing Symantec Antivirus with SCS CleanWipe

Most of the time when you want to uninstall or remove a program from your computer you would simply go to Add or Remove Programs or Programs and Features in the Windows Control Panel and choose the remove option for that program you want to uninstall from your computer.

Sometimes the usual uninstaller for programs won’t work for various reasons and you have to find an alternative method to remove the program properly. Just removing the program’s installation folder will not remove the program from your computer completely.

SCS CleanWipe is a compilation of executables which when run together, removes the presence of Symantec Client Security products and can be used on computers where the typical uninstall method such as from Add/Remove Programs does not work. SCSCleanWipe will work on computers running Windows 2000 or Windows XP but may also work on newer versions as well.

The SCSCleanWipe.bat file is a simple batch file which calls RunCleanWipe.bat and exists so that the user has a singe batch file to click on making launching the Application simpler. RunCleanWipe.bat contains calls to all the batch files and tools that need to execute for SCSCleanWipe to complete. These various batch files run and perform the process of removing the Symantec product from your computer.

When you first run the file you will be presented with a screen showing you what applications it can remove from your computer.

After you click Ok it will ask you if you want to perform each of the steps of the removal process.

After you tell it which procedures to perform you will see a status of the RunCleanWipe.bat file showing what steps are being performed.

You can download SCS CleanWipe here but make sure to unzip the file to a local drive and run from the computer that has the Symantec software you want to remove. Running it from the network may results in unwanted results. As always, use this type of software at your own risk.

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