Counter Computer Monitoring Through Vigilance

Escaping the eye of your employer was never this difficult – sneaking out of your chamber for a cup of coffee or a smoke has always been a challenge, and you may go unnoticed for a while, but what would you do when your boss is breathing down your neck – well, not literally. To get rid of monotony at work, you may indulge in activity which may be useful for you, but not productive in your employer’s views. The employers would want to know every second of your activity, which could be accomplished by either physically spying you – which is waste of his time – or by monitoring your activities through your gadgets. I am sure this is a moment of worry for you, but what can you do to avoid being caught and save your job in the long run.

Facebook can be a major distraction

You switch your window from your Facebook page to the word excel document you were working on, as soon as you see your boss coming over to your desk. Could it be your boos already knows you have been using Facebook for the past hour? Employees must be aware of the fact that their work PCs is fitted with computer monitoring software to keep an eye on their daily activity during the work hours. Although this practice created lot of hue and cry, but firms still continue to practice this on daily basis. These monitoring software are not limited to work PCs. Employers can also monitor your calls and other activities in the office through your cell phones – injecting cell phone spyware is an easy way to keep an eye on the employee’s input during the office hours. With the popularity of Android phones, it has become even easier to infect the phone with Android monitoring software readily available in market.So before you switch to and fro between windows, remember your boss already knows about activities and the amount of time you are actually spending on your office work.

Two sides of the Coin

Monitoring is a two way street. Of course, no one likes being spied on. But keeping in view the company’s interests, one can justify the use of these spying apps to an extent. It’s the company at the receiving end, if the employees waste their time in the office. Therefore, it is understandable that the firms adopt measures to push their employees to perform a hundred percent; and that is only possible by knowing where and when its employees lag behind in work and waste their time.

No Compromise on Privacy

Although the company’s profits are extremely important, but that does not mean that employees’ right to privacy should be neglected completely. Companies have a right to know how much time do employees waste and this is only possible when the employers are able to access your private information. Employers can make use of software like Firesheep and Wire Shark to monitor the internet activity and time spent in inactivity – this helps to mark the time employees spent wandering around in non-productive activities in the office.

Be Vigilant

Employees should be careful while using their personal accounts on these sites – best way to keep their personal information from leaking is to avoid the use of personal email, Skype and other social networking accounts. If your work PC is being monitored, which it most probably is, then all your personal information will be tracked by the monitoring software and transferred to a private server. Hence, only by refraining from indulging in private conversations or opening private documents can help you stay safe on your work PC.

Another way of keeping your personal information from being tracked is avoid the use of portable devices between your personal and work PCs – saving your personal PC from being infected by any malware that might be present in the work PC.


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Natalia David, an author significantly contributes towards software to monitor computer activities, cell phone spy software and employee monitoring software. If you want to know more about Natalia you can follow her on twitter @NataliaDavid4

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