Creating an Outlook Distribution List Group

I’m sure at one point or another when sending out emails that you have sent a group email to multiple recipients. But what if you want to save that group of addresses… Read More

There Was a Problem Sending the Command to the Program Error in Excel

As you may have noticed, Windows and Windows based software will give you errors from time to time. Sometimes the errors will give you enough information as to where you can go… Read More

Create an Outlook Email Signature

Outlook email signatures are text and or images that are placed in the body of an email message commonly used for things such as showing a person’s name, title, address, phone number… Read More

Office Tips and Tricks

There are many useful and unique Microsoft Office tips and tricks you can try to enhance your Office skills or even make using Office more fun. Many of the tricks you can… Read More

Change Your Microsoft Outlook Theme

Almost everyone who has a computer and Internet access has an email account whether it is at home or at work. And I’m sure you have seen those emails come in from… Read More

Office Shortcut Keys

Many software vendors including Microsoft have shortcut keys that allow you quick access to certain tasks from just a few keystrokes rather than having to take your hand off the keyboard and… Read More

Change the Default Font for New Word Documents

Most software comes with defaults for things such as fonts, page layout, save location and so on. If it’s quality software then it will let you change these defaults so you can… Read More

Have Outlook Display HTML Images in E-mail

Many people like to embed images within their emails so you don’t have to open them as an attachment or to make it easier to get their message across. This is assuming… Read More

Microsoft Excel Tips

Microsoft Excel is a powerful spreadsheet application that offers many advanced features allowing you to create professional spreadsheets that contain complex formulas and other forms of data manipulation. Excel has features that… Read More

Add a Background Watermark to Your Word Document

Microsoft Word allows you to add watermarks to your documents. Watermarks are light images or text that behind regular text in your document. I’m sure you have seen one of those documents… Read More
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