Customize Your Hyperlink Hover Over Information In Office Software

Microsoft Office is one of the most widely used software programs in use today. When it comes to Office suites in general, its more well known and used than anything else out there.If you are an Office power user then you have most likely created hyperlinks in your documents that redirect users to web pages or other documents in different locations when they are clicked on. And if you aren’t an Office power user then you most likely have seen hyperlinks in things such as Word documents and emails and maybe even clicked a few of them! These hyperlinks are similar to what you see on web pages and function pretty much the same way. It’s a simple way to link your documents to other things making it easer to get all the information you need from within your document itself.

You can insert hyperlinks in things like Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, Outlook emails and so on. You may have noticed when you hover your mouse pointer over a link on a web page that it will show you the URL or address of where that link will take you if you click it. This comes in handy to know where a link will be taking you before actually clicking on that link. It’s also a great way to make sure you are not getting tricked into going to a website where someone may be waiting to take advantage of you or your computer. Many times cybercriminals will disguise their hyperlinks true destination by putting other text in its place. You can do the same thing with your hyperlinks in Office documents or have some fun with it and use custom text to get your point across. Once you create your hyperlink in your document all you need to do is edit the hyperlink information to make the necessary changes and let the fun begin! It only takes a few simple steps to make the change so here is how you do it.

In our example we will be using a Microsoft Word 2010 document and we have pasted in a link to in the Word document. But instead of it showing when hovered over, we want to have different text shown to make it more enticing to click on the link. This text can also be used for informational purposes rather than for fun if that’s what you are into. To make the change simply right click on the hyperlink and choose Edit Hyperlink. You will be presented with the Edit Hyperlink box like shown in the example below.

Edit Hyperlink Window

From here you will click on the ScreenTip button on the top right of the Edit Hyperlink window. Then you will be presented with the Set Hyperlink ScreenTip box where you will type in your custom text that you want to be shown when the hyperlink is hovered over with the mouse. Try not to make this text too long to avoid cluttering up your hover over text or making it where the whole thing doesn’t fit the popup box.

Edit Hyperlink text

When you are satisfied with your text click OK and then OK on the Edit Hyperlink box and you will now have your new text displayed when you hover over the hyperlink with the mouse.

Edited Word Hyperlink Text

As you can see, changing the hover over text for hyperlinks can come in handy and can also be fun. So try it out with your Office documents and see what kind of interesting ideas you can come up with. Just try not to overdo it if you can help yourself!

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