6 Cool Tech Gift Ideas To Surprise Your Brother With

No matter how old you are, your brother is always there for you. And if he’s anything like mine, he goes out of his way to make sure you have everything you need. Whether it’s a new bike helmet or tickets to the game, or the best robot toys for kids, he gives back in so many ways and deserves something special this year! But what do I get him?

We’ve got some ideas for gifts that will show him just how much we appreciate all that he does (and trust us-he’ll love them). From cool gadgets and games to toys and tools, these tech presents will be perfect for your brother.

Robot toy

1. Custom Gaming Gear

If he loves gaming, then show him how much you care by getting him custom gear. Not only will it suit his personality, but he’ll also be able to wear the best player across the country. For the gamer brother who’s very particular about his style, why not order him some custom gaming gear? From custom and cool gear that the biggest YuGiOh fans will appreciate to customized graphics on his controller, you can give him everything he needs to step up his game and make a seriously stylish entrance at every party!

2. A Drone

Drone flying is on the rise, and it’s so popular with brothers who love doing tricks or making cool videos. Get him a new quadcopter or a racing drone for his birthday, and help him make cool aerial videos of you two at all your favorite places! These little cameras in the sky (they’re not really cameras, but you get the joke) are so much fun that everyone should have one.

3. A New Gaming System

Another very popular gift for big brothers is a brand-new gaming system, like an Xbox One or PS4. These add-ons to home entertainment systems give big brothers the chance to play with their friends or take on competitors across the globe. Whether he’s a hardcore gamer or just starting out, this will be one of his favorite presents!

4. The Latest Video Game

For the gamer brother who loves being up on all the best games, buying him the newest edition of his favorite player will be a very welcome gift. There are so many good options out there that will help him relax and have fun with friends and you can even buy them online or on your phone.

5. A New Phone

Not only is this a useful gift, but it’s also one that your brother will appreciate. Smartphones and tablets can be so expensive and can be put to good use by someone who loves texting friends and playing games on the go. If you want an added touch, get him accessories like cases or cool skins that he can personalize to match his new phone.

6. A Smartwatch

For your brother who always has his eye on the latest and greatest tech, a new watch will be a very welcome gift. There are so many different options out there, from smartwatches to sports watches and even custom designer watches. If you’re looking for something more practical than stylish, then go with a new watch that he can wear every day to the office. Your brother will appreciate a gift like this no matter his style, and you’ll know he appreciates it when he shows it off to all of his friends!

There are so many different smartwatches on the market right now that it can be hard to know which one is best for your brother. What should you consider

Features: The smartwatch he chooses should have features that he will find useful. If he’s more of a sports person, make sure to buy one with GPS and heart rate monitoring.

Design: The design of the smartwatch is very important as well. Make sure it matches his style-maybe his favorite color or pattern

Value: For any gift, price is always a factor. Be aware of how much it costs and what the value is in the long run (how often he will use it).

For your tech-savvy brother who is always looking for the latest and greatest in new technology, there are so many different options available. Whether he’s into smartwatches or sports gear with GPS capabilities, you’ll find that it will be hard to go wrong when picking out something for him this year. If his personality is more laid back but still loves gadgets like smartphones and tablets, then a new tablet might be just what he needs (and don’t forget about accessories!). From practicality to style, make sure to consider his preferences before choosing anything from our list of cool gifts!

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