Changing Your Default Internet Explorer Home Page

When you open Internet Explorer or any other web browser, the first page you see is called your home page. This is usually set to a website that you use most often or your favorite search engine for example. That way you don’t have to take the extra step to type in the address of the website you want to go to right away or get it out of your favorites.

One of the easiest customizations you can do to Internet Explorer is to change your home page so the site you want to see first loads when you first open your browser. This will asls be the page that your Internet Explorer will go to when you click your home button. Generally it should be a page that you think you will use the most. For example you may want to use Google since many people like Google’s search engine.

The easiest way to change your homepage is to open Internet Explorer, go to Tools, and then Internet Options. The General tab should be displayed as shown in the image below. In the Address box you can type in your new home page and then click OK. If you add a second website URL to this list then it will open that site as well in a different tab each time you open Internet Explorer.

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