Show the Windows Explorer Menu Bar in Windows 7

Menu bars are used in the Windows operating system as well as Windows software making it easy to find commonly used functions needed to use your computer or that software. Microsoft decided to make some changes with Windows 7 which I’m sure was to make it easier to use but for many of us made it harder to use because we don’t things we are used to such as our familiar menu bar among other features.

Windows Explorer within Windows 7 by default doesn’t show the Menu bars that you are used to in Windows XP which give you the File, Edit, View, Tools and Help menus. Many people find it hard to function without this Menu bar since it comes in so handy. This is an easy fix and can be changed in less than one minute.

Here is the default view of Windows Explorer. Notice how there is not Menu bar but rather an Organize button with a dropdown arrow indicating more options.

Here is Windows Explorer with the Menu bar shown.

To get the Menu bar back, all you need to do is click on the Organize button, then choose Layout and check the Menu box and you will have your Menu bar back. Simple as that.

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