Setting Windows AutoPlay Options

You may have noticed that when you do things such as put a CD or DVD in your drive or plug in your digital camera that Windows asks you what you want to do. Windows uses what is called AutoPlay to detect when a CD, DVD, flash drive etc. are put in or connected to your computer and then tries to determine what you want to do with that item by prompting you with a list of choices. If you get sick of answering the same old question every time then you can set the AutoPlay options to perform a certain operation automatically or to take no action at all. Many people may not even know that these settings are customizable but they are and they are pretty easy to change.

To get to the AutoPlay settings click on Start, Control Panel and then double click on Default Programs. From there change AutoPlay settings and you will see the options you have available to change depending on your computer’s configuration as well as what your current settings are set at.

For each of the categories of media you can customize what you want Windows to do. For example if you insert a DVD movie into your drive you can have Windows open Windows Media Player to play the movie automatically. You can also set it to take no action or by unchecking Use AutoPlay for all media and devices it won’t prompt you for anything.

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