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If you have upgraded your Internet Explorer web browser to Internet Explorer 9 or later you may have noticed that when you open a new tab you get a page that is titled Your most popular sites. This is there as an easy way for you to go right to a site that you visit often. Google offers the same feature with its Chrome web browser. You may or may not want this to be shown when you open a new tab since it tends to show your web browsing history which you may want kept private.

If you are like most people then I’m sure you want any new tabs you open to go to your home page rather than this most popular sites page. Most people would rather use their favorites to go to commonly used websites rather than use the most popular sites feature.

Here is an example of the most popluar sites feature of Internet Explorer 9 showing the most commonly accessed pages from this user on this computer.

IE9 New Tab Home Page

To change Internet Explorer so it opens new tabs with your home page go to the Tools menu item and then Internet Options. On the General tab find where it says When a new tab is opened, open and from the drop down box choose Your first home page. What it means by your first home page is if you have more than one URL (site address) in your internet options under the home page section it will open the first one listed when you open a new tab.

IE9 New Tab Home Page

Now when you open a new tab it will go right to your home page rather than the Your most popular sites page.

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