Windows Explorer Favorites (or Quick Access)

I’m sure you are familiar with Internet Explorer favorites which are used to keep track of your favorite websites in your browser so you have easy access to them when you want to go to a particular page. These come in very handy when you go to the same site on a regular basis. Windows 7 has a similar feature that allows you to use favorites to keep track of your most commonly used folders on your computer’s hard drive making them quick and easy to get to. This would be similar to making a shortcut to a folder on your desktop or somewhere else that’s easy to get to. These “favorites”are now called Quick access in Windows 10 and work exactly the same.

If you open Windows Explorer or double click your Computer icon you will notice that on the top left of the window there is a Favorites section with some folders underneath it. These will be the Windows default favorites as well as any that may have been added by software that you installed on your computer. These folders will vary from computer to computer so don’t be alarmed if yours doesn’t look the same. This Favorites section is where you can add your most commonly used folders for quick access.

Windows Explorer Favorites

These locations can be edited to show the folders that you want to display in the favorites section. If you add a folder to your Favorites and change your mind later on then its even easier to remove. To remove a folder simply right click on it and chose Remove. Just make sure you are removing the folder from the Favorites section and not deleting the real folder from its actual location.

Adding a folder to the Favorites section is very simple and only takes a few steps to complete. To add a folder all you need to do is navigate to that folder and once you are there right click on the Favorites icon and choose Add current location to Favorites. Be sure to right click the Folders icon and not the folder that you want to add to the Favorites itself. Once you click on Add current location to favorites then that folder will appear underneith the Favorites section.

In the following example we are currently in a folder called Music. Then all we do is simply right click on the Favorites icon and choose Add current location to Favorites and now the Music folder is in our Favorites section.

Windows Explorer Favorites

Notice how the Music folder has been added to the bottom of the list. If you want to change the order of your favorite folders just drag them to a new spot in the list. Just be sure not to drag one folder into another one. If you do then just press Ctrl-z on your keyboard to undo your last step.

Windows Explorer Favorites

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