Windows 10 Multiple Desktops

With today’s super multitasking way of life, it’s hard to get by with just one device without feeling like you are missing out on something… like an arm maybe. Many people swap between their desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone so they can "stay connected" at all times. But when you are at your desk working away sometimes things get too cluttered with all the open programs and documents maxing out the real estate on your taskbar.

Many people get around this by having multiple monitors so they can move open windows around and try and make sense of the mess. But what if your desk doesn’t have the real estate for another monitor or what if your wallet doesn’t have the capacity for another monitor and new dual port video card to support it? Well Windows 10 makes it a little easier to stay one step ahead of chaos with the ability to have multiple desktops on one computer and one login. Linux has been doing this for years and it seems Microsoft has seen the value in adding this feature to their operating system. But don’t get too excited because once you turn your computer off the extra desktops go away and you have to redo them on your next login. Then again any open programs you have running have to be reopened on a reboot so maybe it’s not too horrible of a thing.

To add new desktops to your current session all you need to do is find the Task View icon down by the Start button and click on it. This will show you a panel type view of all the programs you have open allowing you to click in between them.

Windows 10 Task View Button

But what it will also show is a + symbol that says New desktop underneath it and when you click on that you will be able to add another desktop to your current one. And the more times you click on it the more desktops you can add.

Windows 10 multiple desktops

Once you have the amount of desktops you desire you can click between each one and open programs and files and they will only be displayed on the desktop in which they were opened. This can also come in handy if you have multiple users on the same computer and you don’t want to give each one a separate login but would rather just have them switch to their own desktop and work from there. Just keep in mind that they can switch to your desktop if they know about the Task View button. If you want to close out a desktop, simply hover over your open desktops and click the X by the one you want to close.

Windows 10 multiple desktops

One nice feature of these multiple desktops is the ability to move open programs and files between them. To do so you can click on the Task View button in the desktop you want to move an open program or file from and drag the program into another desktop. Another way to accomplish this is to right click on the open program and chose Move to > and then choose the desktop you want to move it to. You also have the option to move it to a new desktop.

Windows 10 multiple desktops

Overall Windows 10 Multiple Desktops is nice but it can use a few more features to make it really useful. Some things we would like to see improved would be the ability to restore the desktops after rebooting or logging off, being able to have different desktop icons in each desktop and having the ability to change the desktop wallpaper for starters.


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