The Top 5 Online Photo Background Removal Tools for Transparent Backgrounds

Photo editing is nothing new and many people have had at least some experience either using the default photo software that comes with their computer or using something more advanced like Adobe Photoshop or even the less expensive and more user friendly Photoshop Elements.

One common thing that people like to do when editing their photos is to remove the background so they can do things such as place a person or thing on top of a different photo or add a custom background once they remove the current one. In this tip, we will be showing you the top 5 online photo background removal tools for transparent backgrounds in case you do not want to spend the money on pricing photo editing software. Each one of these sites does a fairly good job but some did a little better than others. One thing to keep in mind is that your results will vary depending on the complexity of your photo and how smooth the edges are of the item you are trying to keep intact within the photo.

The image below is what was used for each website for our test. It has an easy to remove solid color and the crackers which have more of a pattern. The hardest part about removing this background is the dog’s fur which is far from being a smooth edge.

Sample image for background removal

Here are our picks for the top 5 online photo background removal tools.

Adobe Express

Adobe is known for their graphics and video editing software such as Photoshop and Premiere so it makes sense that they would be good at removing backgrounds from images just like you can do in the desktop version of Photoshop.

Once you upload your picture to the Adobe Express website, it will automatically remove the background and give you the option to either download your new image or customize it using their online photo editor tools.

Adobe Express Online Photo Background Removal Tool

Adobe Express did a good job of removing the background without leaving too much left over to be removed manually.


After trying the same image with the Retoucher website, we had very similar results to what we saw with Adobe Express. When the background removal process is complete, you will then be able to apply a template to your photo or open the editor for additional options.

Retoucher Online Photo Background Removal Tool

The editor is not as advanced as what you get with Adobe Express, but you still get some basic options such as adding a new background, adding text or resizing the image.

Retoucher Photo Editor

Vance AI

There were a couple of photo background removal tool websites that claim to use AI (Artificial Intelligence) to remove the background from your photo. They also give you an option to crop your photo first and tell the app if the image you are trying to cutout is a human or other object. There are also some basic output settings you can configure such as output format and DPI. You only get 3 credits when you go to the site but if you sign up for a free account, you can get 3 additional credits. 1 credit will allow you to remove the background on one image and of course you can buy more if needed! They also have a PC app that you can download and install if you do not want to do it via the website.

Vance AI Online Photo Background Removal Tools

Even though Vance AI uses AI, the results were not as impressive as what we got from the other sites, and it left more of the background in place after completing the process than the other sites did.

Vance AI Background Removal Results is another AI powered photo editor and for this particular photo, gave us the best results but unfortunately if you don’t want to sign up for a subscription, you will only be able to download a lower size\resolution version of your file after removing the background. But if you need your picture to be perfect, you can pay to have one of their photo editors do the work for you. Online Photo Background Removal Tool also comes with a basic image editor where you can do things such as adjust the brightness, add text and change the background color. Photo Editor


If you are looking for an actual online photo editor that will do more than remove backgrounds from your photos, then you might want to check out LunaPic. Not only does it have an AI powered background removal component but also offers a large variety of photo editing tools.

When you go to the LunaPic website, you will see a variety of menu items at the top of the page as well as photo editing tools along the left side of the page.

LunaPic Online Photo Background Removal Tool

With LunaPic, you can use the automatic background removal process or choose one of the other methods to get your transparent background.

LunaPic Background Removal Tools

LunaPic did a decent job of removing the background but left a little more of it in place compared to some of the other websites but if you want to fine tune your results, you can use some of the other tools such as the Eraser Tool to see if you can make any improvements.

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