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There are many useful and unique Microsoft Office tips and tricks you can try to enhance your Office skills or even make using Office more fun. Many of the tricks you can do within Office are not really documented so you may have never heard of many of them before. Try some of these out for yourself and see if you can make use of them in your day to day Office use.

Keep in mind these tips may vary depending on your version of Office

Zoom with the mouse scroll button
You can use the scroll button on your mouse to zoom in and out of documents. All you need to do is hold down the Ctrl key and roll the scroll wheel forward to zoom in or, or roll it back to zoom out.

Having an un-bulleted or un-numbered line in Word within a bulleted/numbered list.
When you are creating a bulleted or numbered list in Word, you may not want a bullet on a certain line. You can start a new line without a bullet by pressing Shift-Enter. Then the next time you press the Enter key, the new line will continue the bulleted or numbered list.

Office shortcut keys

Using the Paste Special command when pasting text from a website or other document
When you copy text from a website or another document into a Word document, Word will keep the typestyle, color, and size from the original page/document. If you want the pasted text to match the format of the document you are pasting into, use Edit, Paste Special, and choose Unformatted Text.

Easily rearrange paragraphs
If you need to change the order of certain paragraphs in your document all you need to do is click on the paragraph you would like to move, then hold down Shift-Alt and move the paragraph up or down using the arrow keys. The paragraph will move over the other paragraphs so you can position it where you want it.

Adding the favorites menu back to the Outlook menu bar
1) On the Tools menu, click Customize.
2) Click the Commands tab.
3) In the Categories list, click Menu Bar.
4) In the Commands list, click Favorites, and then drag it to the main menu.

Hide your worksheet(s) in Excel
Select the sheet(s) you want to hide. Hold down CTRL to select multiple sheets
On the Format menu, click on Sheet, and then click Hide.

Create a menu of your most used commands
1) On the Tools menu, click Customize, and then click on the Commands tab.
2) In the Categories box, click New Menu, and then drag New Menu from the Commands box to the location on the toolbar where you want it placed.
3) Right click the new menu, and then give it a name by typing in the Name box on the shortcut menu. Then Press enter.

Increase or decrease the font size (keyboard shortcut)
To increase or decrease the size of text in Word, PowerPoint, FrontPage, or Publisher, first, select the text you want to resize. With the text highlighted, press CTRL+SHIFT+>to increase the font size, or press CTRL+SHIFT+<To decrease the font size.

To insert the current date in your document

Remove all formatting in your Word document
Select all the text in the document (CTRL+A)

Replicate text or images in Word by dragging and dropping
1) Select the item or text you want to copy.
2) Hold down the CTRL key.
3) Use the mouse to drag the item to the desired position.
This will make a copy of the original item

Copy the result of a cell instead of the formula in Excel
1) Select the cell(s) containing data you want to copy.
2) Press CTRL+C or right click and pick copy to copy the cell data.
3) Click on the new cell/location you want to paste into.
4) Click on Edit or right click and then select Paste Special.
5) Select Values and then click then click Ok.

Insert date/time into Excel or Access
For current date: Press CTRL+SEMICOLON
For current time: Press CTRL+SHIFT+ SEMICOLON
For current date and time: Press CTRL+ SEMICOLON then SPACE then CTRL+SHIFT+ SEMICOLON

Save multiple Outlook attachments at the same time
When you receive an Outlook message containing several attachments, you can save all the attachments to the same location in a single step.
1) Click Save Attachments on the File menu.
2) Click Select All to save them all or you can select individual attachments.
3) Browse to the location you wish to save them to.
4) Click Save.

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