Change the Default Font for New Word Documents

Most software comes with defaults for things such as fonts, page layout, save location and so on. If it’s quality software then it will let you change these defaults so you can customize the software to your liking. Microsoft Office programs such as Word tend to use rather boring fonts as their defaults but fortunately this can be changed so you don’t have to do it manually each time you create a document.

If you have a certain font you like to use for all your Word documents there is a way to make Word use that font by default every time you start a new document. Just follow these easy steps to change your default font.

  1. Open Microsoft Word
  2. Click the Format menu (Word 2007and newer – on the Home tab, click the Font Dialog Box Launcher)
  3. Select the font, style, and color you would like to use as the default
  4. Click the Default button
  5. Confirm by clicking on Yes
  6. Click Ok

Font Dialog Box Launcher

Now when you create a new Word document it will use your preferred font that you set as the default font so you won’t have to change it each time.

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