What is Bluetooth?

I’m sure you have seen those people driving in their cars where it looks like they are talking to themselves but are actually using a wireless headset to connect to their phone. There are different types of wireless devices and different types of wireless connections and they are all not the same.

Bluetooth is an open specification for wireless short range communications of data and voice between both mobile and stationary devices. It was developed by Ericsson Inc., Intel Corp., Nokia Corp. and Toshiba. It was designed to set a standard for cable free connectivity between mobile phones, mobile PCs, handheld computers and other peripherals. It offers better signal range than standard wireless devices.

Bluetooth offers a range of 10 meters (32 feet) and a low speed (up to 1Mbps) wireless transmission of digital voice and data in the unlicensed 2.4GHz band. Bluetooth technology is an ad hoc technology thatrequires no fixed infrastructure and is simple to install and set up. Bluetooth wireless technology is the most widely supported, versatile, and secure wireless standard on the market today.

Bluetooth is used on many devices such as keyboards and mice, cell phone headsets, GPS systems for your car and iPod transmitters.

The Bluetooth core system consists of an RF transceiver, baseband, and protocol stack. The system offers services that enable the connection of devices and the exchange of a variety of data classes between these devices.

The manufacturer of each product determines the security mode of their product. Devices and services also have different security levels. For devices, there are two levels of security: trusted device and untrusted devices. A trusted device, having been paired with one’s other device, has unrestricted access to all services. With regard to services, three security levels are defined: services that require authorization and authentication, services that require authentication only and services that are open to all devices.

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