Tricks to Shift Thunderbird MBOX Emails to Several Formats

Tricks to Shift Thunderbird MBOX Emails to Several Formats

Do you need trustworthy advice on how to convert MBOX files into different formats? Read this post to discover several helpful solutions. We will show you the top 2 incredible methods in this informative post so you can quickly convert many MBOX files into other file formats.

MBOX files are among the significant file formats that are being utilized by almost all businesses. Professional email programs like Power Mail, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Eudora, Entourage, Sec Monkey, and Eudora employ this file format to store all email data in one location, including contacts, attachments, and messages. Sometimes, nevertheless, users must convert their MBOX file to a different format for a variety of reasons.

These justifications can differ depending on the user’s circumstances, such as whether they intend to switch to a different email program or whether they are open to sharing the data in the MBOX file with friends or coworkers who do not use the MBOX-supported application. Therefore, there could be a few more. Learn about some typical reasons for converting MBOX files to other email clients by reading the article through to the end for advice on how to do it quickly and efficiently.

Choose the Save As option to convert MBOX to HTML

  • Start Thunderbird and import the MBOX file.
  • Choose the emails that you want to move to your inbox.
  • Click on the email that you want to convert to HTML after finding it. It can only be done one at a time.
  • You can view the email in an additional window by double-clicking on it.
  • Click ‘More’ to choose ‘Save As’ after the email has opened.
  • The window that displays should have the drop-down option labeled “HTML Files” selected.
  • Choose the computer place where you want to store the HTML file.
  • ‘Save’ will save the email as an HTML document.

Constraints with the Manual Approach:

  • Capable of converting one MBOX file at a time.
  • An involved procedure requiring the installation of ImportExportTools addons.
  • Converting MBOX files separately takes effort and time.
  • I often make mistakes while manually converting MBOX email files.
  • Bulk conversion of MBOX files or a large number of emails is not suggested.
  • I cannot correctly keep up with all attachments or formatting.

A Practical Way to Switch from MBOX to Various File Formats

If you have a large number of MBOX files or find the manual procedure to be too time-consuming, to effortlessly convert Thunderbird MBOX emails to several formats, try the Softaken MBOX Converter Tool. Multiple MBOX files can be converted to more than 30 file types considerably more quickly and easily using this program.

Users do not require expertise in technology or the installation of any additional software to change their MBOX files. The tool is quite useful since it can easily handle a variety of MBOX file types. It also offers an advanced MBOX for various file conversions and a plethora of features designed to reduce user effort.

Steps to Convert MBOX Emails to Various Format

  • To convert MBOX files to other formats, take the following actions:
  • You can convert it into many formats by just running the MBOX converter.
  • Select File or Select Folder can be used to import the MBOX file.
  • For selective conversion, examine each MBOX file independently.
  • Choose the desired file format from the list of available saving choices.
  • Select the route, then press the final Convert button.


In this post, the best two methods for converting MBOX files to other formats were covered. After converting a few of the causes for the conversion of MBOX files, we used both manual and sophisticated techniques to resolve the issues. Users can only manually convert MBOX files into PDF, PST, HTML, and EML. However, anybody can convert a large number of MBOX files, together with all of the data and attachments, into a variety of file formats by utilizing the application.

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