12 Online Teaching Tools to Enrich Your Virtual Classroom

Check out these great tools to help your students learn


Virtual classes accompanied by social distance make it difficult for teachers to engage their students. While teachers struggle with boosting interaction and students with maintaining focus, the imposed question is how to make this better?

The solution lies in helpful teaching tools.

The benefit of online learning is that it can be enhanced with online tools. Teachers now have a plethora of resources they can use to make classes more interesting.

If you are an educator in pursuit of teaching tools that will increase students’ productivity and motivation for learning, the following list will give you everything you need.

1. Explain Everything Whiteboard
This interactive whiteboard will give you the familiarity of presenting lectures on a board, but now you’ll get to make colorful and interactive notes. Besides writing down key information and tasks, you can bring your lectures to life with videos, notation, and audio. Students can also use the app to share their own presentations, tutorials, and self-created animated stories.


2. Quizizz
Diversify the learning material with some gamified learning. Quizizz can be your go-to resource for game-like activities. Team up your math, science, language, and computer science lectures with games, and you’ll get the students excited about learning.


3. Thinglink
Thinglink is a great tool for adding interactive experience in your online classroom. Immerse students in lectures with videos, 360-degree media, and images. You can also add pop-ups, audio, labels, and more to customize the content for the lessons.

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4. Padlet
Use Padlet to create aesthetically pleasing collections of data, images, videos, documents, and more. These digital corkboards can help students with their group projects and research. Padlet can also help you prepare and present lectures.


5. Visme
The majority of students are visual learners and Visme can help you design attractive learning materials. Create beautiful presentations, mind maps, report cards, infographics, and other visual content with this app. The drag-and-drop editor will make it easy for you to learn how to use it. There are also a ton of great features like free graphics, photos, themes, and so on.


6. Ted Talks
Inspire students to work hard, reach their goals, and respect others by showing them motivating TED Talks. The platform has endless videos featuring experts and admirable individuals around the world. For example, you can enhance the topic on how many languages are spoken in Japan with a Japanese speaker who talks about their culture. Making these real-life stories and inspiring people a part of the lessons can transform students’ perspectives on the given subjects.


7. Edpuzzle
Turn any video into an entertaining lesson with Edpuzzle. The way it works is that you upload the video, add questions, and integrate it into your LMS. You can also track the learners’ progress, and spot if they need additional explanations for certain segments.


8. Baamboozle
Baamboozle offers endless games for students. These games are made by teachers, so they are adapted to the curriculum and students’ common questions. A useful feature of this app is that students can play in teams. Therefore, you can test their knowledge and encourage them to collaborate at the same time


9. Duolingo
This language learning app can be a great addition to your language classes. Let the students test their knowledge through the gamified questions. For more complex lessons, such as writing essays in Spanish, students can use Spanish translation services alongside Duolingo. Mixing and matching different tools together with the lesson plan will make students more focused.


10. Quill
Grammar can be a stumbling block for many students. If you think that you can’t make Grammar entertaining, you should check out Quill. It is a learning tool that features engaging grammar activities. You can find activities suitable for elementary, middle, and high school students. ta


11. Math Learning Center
Students can practice math through interactive tasks thanks to the Math Learning Center. You can customize the assignments, create problems, and share private links with students. The website features a variety of math-related learning tools from practicing fractions to math vocabulary cards.


12. Kapwing
Kapwing is the perfect tool for creating and editing video lessons. You can use the media that comes with the app or upload your clips. The app is designed for collaboration, which makes it perfect for group projects. Students work together to make creative video presentations for class assignments.


Final Thoughts
The transition to online classes might have seemed like an unattainable challenge, but these tools will change that. Introduce students to new and fun ways of learning, and you’ll have their attention. Remember that for every teaching obstacle, there is a tool for overcoming it.

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