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Uninstalling several programs at the same time on a smartphone is not a surprise for a long time, but Microsoft has not yet added such a feature to Windows, and ordinary applications have to be removed by standard means one by one. However, there are special utilities for batch uninstallation collected in today’s review.

There are a lot of disadvantages to the system’s program uninstaller. Along with its slowness, it is also the inability to work in batch mode. You can get such functionality by using third-party utilities and not only paid ones.

Absolute Uninstaller
One of the most user-friendly utilities with a simple, uncluttered interface and a minimum of necessary features.

Absolute Uninstaller runs faster than the standard Windows uninstaller and works in batch mode by default, i.e., it removes programs in batch mode. It means that you can check the checkboxes of programs and then uninstall them together.

Among other interesting but not very much demanded features of Absolute Uninstaller is the removal of broken items. The program displays a list of uninstallers with errors (most likely, programs have already been uninstalled but left behind entries in the registry, or the Uninstaller will not start due to incorrect configuration) and allows you to remove them from the list.

All in all, Absolute Uninstaller can be recommended as a fast and convenient utility for batch uninstallation of programs. It doesn’t have any super-advanced features, but it is very easy to use, which is not always the case with other programs.

Uninstalling Software

IObit Uninstaller
IObit Uninstaller is a portable program that you can run immediately after downloading. In terms of interface, it is probably the most convenient and understandable utility of all, despite the presence of a fairly large number of additional features.

There are no complaints about the speed of the utility, launching and displaying a list of uninstallers is almost instantaneous. On the plus side, IObit does not list incomprehensible garbage, such as Windows components that cannot be removed and whose names are difficult to determine what they are. This can be seen in the Total Uninstall mentioned in the beginning.

If some file or program on your PC is locked, i.e. cannot be uninstalled and Windows informs you that it is in use, IObit Uninstaller supports forced removal. To do this, just drag the file or program to the appropriate window and IObit Uninstaller will take care of the rest by itself.

IObit Uninstaller uses a custom rating system for plugins, which allows you to immediately detect plugins with a low trust rating. You can set your own rating in the same list. The “Do not trust” action allows you to move plugins to a separate list where they can be more easily removed if necessary.

IObit Uninstaller adds its own icon in the Windows Control Panel, as well as directly in the “Programs and Features” module, which allows you to forcibly uninstall programs with faulty uninstallers even if you use standard Windows tools.


dUninstaller is another utility that works in portable mode. Although it has a lot of drawbacks, it deserves to be mentioned because of its implementation of one unique feature. However, let’s start with the drawbacks.

The interface of dUninstaller can hardly be called simple and convenient. Several tabs with incomprehensible and unnecessary functionality, lack of program icons, and strings with hard-to-read registry keys make it difficult to find the necessary applications. When the window is resized, its content disappears and can only be recovered by switching between bookmarks. Also, scrolling with the mouse wheel in the big list of programs doesn’t work, which makes using dUninstaller even more inconvenient.

However, behind all this, there is one big plus. dUninstaller is the only program that allows you to batch uninstall programs silently.


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