Internet Explorer or E-mail Links Wont Open

Everyone knows that links on web pages takes you to other pages on the site or other websites altogether so it’s essential that they work when you click on them. Also, most people use links within emails to direct people to websites for various reasons so it’s essential that those work too.

Have you ever had an occasion where you cannot open a new Internet Explorer window or nothing occurs after you click a link? With Internet Explorer, Outlook or other web based programs you can have a hyperlink that you can click on to open a new browser window to take you to whatever web page it’s linked to. Sometimes when you click on that link nothing happens or you get a blank window or page.

This is most likely because one or more of the following files is missing, damaged, or improperly registered:

  • Urlmon.dll
  • Mshtml.dll
  • Actxprxy.dll
  • Oleaut32.dll
  • Shell32.dll
  • Shdocvw.dll

An easy fix for this is to download and install IEFix. It’s a free program that can be found here. IEFix Registers the core Internet Explorer libraries, repairs Internet Explorer using IE.INF method & fixes two important registry keys which are required to set Internet Explorer as default.

Be warned that you should use this at your own risk because nothing is perfect!

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