Microsoft to Bring Back Optional Windows Updates

Windows 10 Optional Updates Coming Soon

If you can remember the good old days of Windows 7 where we got to decide what patches we installed on our computers when it came to Windows Update then its looking like we might be in for a treat. You may not even realize that Windows 10 updates your computer when it wants and with whatever patches it has available at the time. But many of us like to have some control over what updates get installed and when the update happens.

It appears that Microsoft will be going back to the way things were when it comes to Windows Update and have some of the non-critical updates be listed as Optional and give us the option to decide if we want to install them or not. In the past, you would see things such as .NET and driver updates listed here and they should be putting those same types of updates in this new Optional section for Windows Update.

Windows 10 Optional Updates

When you go to the Windows Update section under the Settings app you should see a link that says View optional updates which will then take you to another screen showing you the optional updates. Then all you need to do is simply check the boxes next to the ones you want to install and start the update process. There will also be a choice to block automatic driver updates for your hardware even though its usually a good idea to install these types of updates. This new Windows Update change should be taking place in spring of 2020.

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