New WPA3 Wi-Fi Security Coming Soon

WPA3 Wireless Security is Coming to Save Us!

Wi-Fi is a way of life for almost everyone these days. If your computer at home doesn’t use a wireless connection to the Internet then your smartphone or tablet certainly will. And if you have ever scanned for wireless networks within range of your device you most likely saw that there were many to choose from and that most if not all of them were secured with a password. Or at least they should be!

If you have ever setup a wireless router and configured its security then you might be familiar with the various types of security methods that can be used such as WEP and WPA. As these new security standard come out they are getting more secure because hackers are getting more sophisticated in their methods.


As of now, WEP2 (released in 2004) is the latest and greatest security standard but there is an upgrade on its way from the Wi-Fi Alliance called WPA3 which promises better security. There was a major flaw that was discovered in WPA2 that prompted for action to be taken for its replacement.

WPA3 will offer improvements in authentication and encryption and will feature 192-bit encryption and also make it harder for hackers to crack your password and if they do it will limit what they are able to see once they get in. Normally hackers can attach to your wireless stream and then send it to their computer which will run software designed to try and break your password. The good thing is if they get your password they will only be able to decrypt new information they have obtained after getting the password but won’t be able to decrypt andold information they might have got their hands on before getting your password.

Of course with this new standard will come new hardware so you will be buying a new wireless router if you want to use WPA3 and if your Wi-Fi functionality is provided by your broadband company’s equipment then they will be the ones needing to do the upgrade. Also keep in mind that your computer will need to support WPA3 but that will most likely be addressed with a software update. You still have plenty of time though because they don’t expect full adoption of WPA3 until the end of 2019.

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