AMD and Qualcomm Moving in on Intel PC Processor Dominance

Who Will be the Future King of the Processor?

When it comes to desktop computer processors and even server processors, Intel has enjoyed being the king of the CPU for some time now. With their high performance and reasonable pricing they are the go to processor for most desktop and server manufacturers. Even people who build their own computers tend to go the Intel router for their CPU choice.

Of course AMD is still around and computers with their processors generally cost less money but at the same time don’t offer the same performance as Intel processors with similar specifications. But if you are just a casual web browser and emailer then a computer with an AMD processor should be just fine for you. Ever since AMD released its Ryzen desktop CPU a couple of months ago they have seen an increase in sales and market share.

Intel vs. AMD

Then there is also Qualcomm which has been around for some time now too but is known for making processors for mobile devices but has recently been using its Snapdragon processor for Windows 10 notebooks. Now they are making their Snapdragon 850 processor to use in Windows PCs to see if they can take a little market share from Intel and maybe even AMD. They plan on putting this processors into Windows PCs by the end of the year.

With PC sales slower than they used to be, processor manufacturers will need to step up their game to get the most sales they can since there will most likely be less demand in the future. And with the super fast (and expensive) Intel i9 processor making its way into desktops the competition will become even more fierce.

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