Windows 10 Sets Coming Soon

Microsoft wants to change how we use Windows 10 with Windows Sets

You may not know that Microsoft has said that Windows 10 will be the last version of Windows desktop versions and that they will just continue to build on it and add new features in the future. Time will tell if that is the case or not but it does seem that they are putting out the effort to add new features with some of their updates.

The latest news about the future of Windows 10 is all about what they call Windows 10 Sets. At first you might think, great another new feature to change how we do things in Windows but so far it will be an optional feature that you don’t have to use if you don’t want to. But after checking it out a little bit it does sound promising if you have the right connections. And by connections we mean a Microsoft onlineOffice 365 account which means more integration with Microsoft and potentially less privacy for you.

The way Sets works is that you open your program in a window and this window will have tabs like a web browser. If you want to open another program to do work related to the first program then you just open a new tab and keep everything in the same window. For example if you are working on a Word document and need to reference some data in Excel that you need to input into your document you can open another tab in the same window and have your Excel file there. Or if you need to search for something on your computer or on the web there is a search feature that will search both and show you results in a drop down as you type and then you can enter that website or other program to a tab within your current window.

Windows 10 Sets

One cool feature is that if you close out your work and need to continue later you can simply open the window again and continue where you left off. Or if you are logged into your Microsoft account you can even continue where you left off on a different computer. There will also be a history option so you can open older sets from the past and continue where you left off. Think of it as a web browser interface for all of your apps. This new feature is supposed to be released with Windows 10 Redstone 4 in the coming weeks. But there are no promises that Sets will be part of the shipping version of the Windows 10, due out sometime in April.

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