New Qualcomm Server Processor Challenges Intel

Qualcomm Inc. has come out with a new server level processor designed to take on Intel in the server and cloud platform in which has 99% of the market for chips that run computer servers in data centers. Although these new Qualcomm Centriq 2400 processors use ARM (Advanced RISC Machine) technology they say they offer better performance than the Intel Xeon Platinum 8180 processors.

This Qualcomm server chip push is being led by former Intel executive Anand Chandrasekher and is part of their attempt to diversify the company’s sources of revenue. They are also targeting personal computers and chips that are used in automobiles.

Qualcomm Centriq 2400 processor

Arm technology is used more for smartphones and tablets and has not been really adopted in the data center like Intel chips have been for some time now. And speaking of smartphones these new Centriq processors are being manufactured by Samsung who is known for the Galaxy line of smartphones. If the new Qualcomm processors are accepted into the datacenter then software built to run on Intel X86 chips have to be rewritten to run on the ARM instruction set.¬†One benefit of the ARM modular architecture is that it allows for easier customization than the Intel architecture. Qualcomm is also bragging about how the Centriq is the world’s first 10nm server chip.

And let’s not forget about AMD who recently released their Epyc chip which is designed for the datacenter and has the benefit of running on the widely used X86 platform. Isn’t it great that all these companies battle it out so we can have really fast processors?


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