Amazon Key lets you get your packages get delivered inside your house

With online shopping becoming the standard for buying pretty much everything you need I suppose it’s time to upgrade your delivery options and Amazon has found a way to do so. Sure you can have 2 day free shipping with a Prime membership, have your packages dropped off at a local Amazon locker or even have them placed on your doorstep by a drone so how can I get any better?

Well now there is Amazon Key which will let the delivery person leave them inside your house keeping them safe from being stolen off of your doorstep? But is allowing the UPS or FedEx guy in your house a better option? Well it might be if you trust your delivery service.

Amazon Key Service

The way it works is that you install an Amazon Cloud Cam and smart lock. Then when the delivery person comes by they scan a barcode which then goes to the Amazon Cloud connected to your wireless internet and camera. If it all looks good the Cloud Cam starts recording and the delivery person gets a notification on their device saying all clear and they can then unlock your door and place the package inside while being recorded the whole time. Then they simply lock your door with their device (hopefully) and then they are on their way to their next stop. The customer will get a notification saying their package has been delivered and can watch the video of the delivery.

If you are interested and are a Prime member you can preorder today but the service won’t be available until November 8th. The system will cost you around $250 and there is no charge for in house delivery. For now it’s only going to be offered with Amazon’s own delivery service for safety reasons we assume.

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