How to Add a New Post in WordPress and Utilize all the Features

To give your readers what they want, you have to maximize the potential of every single blog post on your website. There is no way around it. Each new addition to your library of content is a series of chances to engage your audience. Even if you know all the WordPress tips and tricks, the basics always stay the same.

The key to having a series of successful posts is to utilize every feature to your advantage. In this article, we will teach you just that. With an easy series of explanations, you will finally get that big break or establish consistency. Whatever your goal is, this advice takes your blogging to the next echelon.

Prioritizing the Default Editor

Not too long ago, WordPress announced that they would be looking to change the classic editor software. In December 2018, we got our first taste of the new range of capabilities of this change. Even though the most obvious improvement is within the interface, powerful features are abundant.
Pick this version because it’s more standardized for engagement nowadays. The options make it easier to handle a bigger workload and minimize mistakes. Let’s begin straight from the most important things.

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How to engage with only the basics

The most compelling part of each blog post is the title. Choose a compelling one that doesn’t only inspire you to write, but a title that causes the readers to question themselves. Spark curiosity and build your entire blog post using the title.

You can use the best essay writing service uk that specialize in case study help writing, but without a title, your blog posts won’t be utilized properly. Choose the right block by combining your post with the proper content forms. Imagine a research-based blog outsourced from a top essay services, with image depictions of the topic. It will be impressive and cause people to share it.

Focus on categories and featured images

WordPress gives you the neat option to add to sorting to your posts and put them in the right categories. If you’re running any kind of informative blog or website, you need to think about the moment after the initial click.

The best way to get people to read more of your content is to lead them to it. The category tags and columns are right under the Document settings, in the right column.

It’s been proven that putting tags categorizing posts makes any website SEO-friendly. What makes them attractive to the reader, not just to algorithms is the featured image.

The visual representation of your blog post can attract people who weren’t previously sure about whether to read or not. Make the featured image a header in the individual blog posts, which you can do in Theme-specific settings. By doing so, you allow the image to encompass the entire post and make a strong visual-verbal experience for every reader.

Add to the first impression

Other than categorizing and optimizing your posts visually, you have to provide a hood. With images, there is one problem. Even though they can be effective, there is still a lack of clarity compared to written content.

You can’t just expect the image to lead the reader to a question or topic. The Article Summary or Excerpt is a great basic feature that many marketers don’t utilize.

It’s essential that you give a piece of content to every reader, even the most loyal ones. When a person reaches your blog, you want to create a state of confusion. Your content should ideally be so good that the visitor doesn’t even know what to read first. This confusion turns into a negative factor can result in lost interest. Be smart and summarize.

Don’t forget about the URL

Look at these two examples:

Which link would you rather click on if you were a reader? We both know the answer. Short URLs are one of the leading SEO-contributing factors and can also result in an aesthetic appeal. The Editor uses the post’s title as a permalink automatically, but there are cases when you have to calibrate for SEO purposes. Plan it out wisely. It’s better to place good and relevant anchors for the URLs.

Concluding thoughts

Think about everything a post can do for your website and you will soon start seeing patterns that were previously unknown. Use this advice to conquer the marketing world and make your brand and website a standard to the competition.

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