Top 5 Productivity Apps – Work from Home Version 2021

Telecommuting at its finest


Nothing tests how productive you really are like working from home. Some might enjoy the flexibility while others find it hard to focus and reach out to the rest of the team. Whether you are looking to efficiently collaborate with your co-workers or better manage your projects, here are some of the top productivity apps for when you are working from home.


Microsoft 365
When it comes to an all-in-one platform for office productivity suites, Microsoft 365 is almost unbeatable. Microsoft 365 can be defined as the cloud-based version of the notable Microsoft Office series, which is used all around the world. The platform covers everything a company needs, from core programs to a well-rounded communications hub. The bonus of making the platform means that you and the rest of your team can work more efficiently, without needing to be in the same physical space.

Microsoft 365 also has the OneDrive storage software that will allow the entire team to save and backup important files. The platform is relatively cheap and can be accessed on all computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones that can be connected to the internet. Since most documents are created using Microsoft Office, this platform is especially helpful if you are working with data from other businesses and companies.

If you have a hard time prioritizing and managing your projects while working from home, then you should try using Trello. The app is a web-based service that helps you to make lists to better manage and organize your tasks. Trello is especially popular amongst users because it is well-designed and very easy to navigate. You can use the app for almost all forms of work, from simple daily tasks to large-scale projects. Students can also use Trello to manage their assignments because you can attach deadlines to your projects.

Trello features a plethora of tools to help increase your productivity, while remaining user-friendly. You can attach pictures and files to your lists, and even include a link to a separate website. You can also integrate Trello with other third-party apps to better your workflow. Overall, the app is great for those who prefer to list down their task so that they can instantly check and focus on their priorities.

VirtualBox Resize Hard Disk
One thing about working from home is that you are constantly in meetings and video calls but setting up a virtual meeting with someone is never the easiest task. Sometimes, the process can be cumbersome because all parties need to be signed up for the same service or have access to the same software. For a hassle-free and smooth virtual meeting, try, a free service that allows you to set up and join online meetings and conferences is easy to use and anyone can host or join a meeting without having to install or download anything. You can also schedule and record your meetings and all participants are free to speak and share with the rest. can be accessed on all devices, including your tablets and smartphones so you can join in from almost everywhere.


If your work is social media or you just happen to use social media for marketing and advertising, you should consider using Buffer to effectively and efficiently manage all your social media accounts in one place. The service lets users create, schedule, and even track their social media posts and performances. Buffer is flexible, easy to use, and is compatible with all the popular social media sites.

Since Buffer is free to use, it is especially great for small business owners who rely on social media to communicate with their customers. You can use the service to check the analytics of your accounts in a comprehensive manner and even learn how to improve the way you use social media. Buffer helps to reduce the time you take to manage your social media so that you can focus on other parts of your business.


If you work long hours on your laptop or computer, you will most probably find yourself losing track of time which might not be the best if you want to stay productive. Clockify is a great tool for those working from home because it helps you to better manage your work by tracking how much time you take to work on a task.

You can record and track how long you work on a task or a project and label it for future references. The tool can be integrated with other third-party apps like Trello and Jira and there is even a browser extension that you can download for Chrome and Firefox for quick access. Clockify is relatively simple, but it is very helpful for those who have issues with managing their time, especially when working from home.

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