11 Effective Tools To Improve Blogs, CRM, And Networking

Improve your online presence with these helpful apps


In the digital era, blogging is a common practice for many professionals. Managing a website is not an easy task, but thanks to these tools, it can be! Finding the right tool for your blog is like picking clothes – you have to try them to see if they are the correct fit for you. The tools listed below will not only make your life easier by providing you with insights and automation, but they will help you have a high-quality website.

Wix is a build-your-own-website platform that makes blogging a walk in the park for everyone. Wix offers various drag and drop choices and website themes for you to choose what you like. You can either choose to build on an existing template or build an exclusive design with WIX ADI. Overall, you will have a beautiful and professional layout that is easy to navigate and is easy on the eye!

Another great tool that can really up your blog game is SEMrush. SEMrush is a tool for searching the right kind of organic keywords for your blog, it has metrics to show your websites and your competitor’s insights and it also predicts traffic cost!


Who said you need to hire a graphic designer to have a tasteful website with awesome graphics? Canva is a tool anyone can use to design social media posts, logos, business cards, brochures, and whatever else you need. You can use already existing templates or you can build your own. It also has a substantial amount of free stock images that can be of help and most importantly, it’s free!


When you run a blog on your own, getting things done is no easy task, especially when managing a team. Trello is a tool that increases team productivity by organizing tasks visually. You can assign tasks to your colleagues, track their progress, create as many boards as you want, and include attachments. It’s a flexible tool that you can customize to your and your team’s needs.


Coming up with topics to create content for your blog that appeases your audience every day is difficult. Whenever you need that extra inspiration you can visit Quora and see what people are asking, and what they want to see. Quora is a platform that users ask and answer questions and share knowledge. In the last couple of years, it has become very popular despite it being around for twelve years


One of the most important things when building a website or a blog are the images. Royalty-free images are costly but now with pixabay, you can have stock images for free – you may need user registration though.


Translation Report
A great way to expand your audience is to translate your content. Trusting an AI, like Google Translate automatically translate your content is a guaranteed fail. TranslationReport will provide you at a reasonable cost the professionals you need to expand your audience and increase traffic and profits from your site. There is a whole non-English speaking audience waiting for you to make your content approachable!


Hootsuite is a social media tool every blogger should have. It makes your life so much easier by automating social media posting. There are a lot of possibilities with this platform aside from scheduling your posts. It’s a dashboard where you can monitor your posts and also collaborate with your colleagues. Keep in mind that it offers only a 30-day trial period but it’s affordable and a great investment


Pipedrive is a great CRM software that will keep you organized with your clients. It will help you keep track of how your customers interact with your brand and give you an idea of what they expect in the future. You can have data, documentation, and contacts all in one place. Pipeline documents your leads and gives you an overview of your sales performance in a way that will help you significantly boost your sales!


Crystal is a great tool for networking that will help you build relationships of trust with your clients. Understanding the personality of your contacts is key to a successful marketing strategy for your business. With this tool, you already know your customers before you even meet them in person. With a simple outreach process, this tool can also provide you with new business contacts and you can easily gather information on other businesses and professionals by typing their title on the search bar!


Like Crystal, Oktopost is a networking tool that uses social data to provide you with leads. It’s a B2B social media management platform that connects you with other professionals on Linked In and allows you to amplify your brand. Oktopost, also, integrates major automation marketing platforms such as HubSpot and Microsoft Dynamics 365!


Overall, it’s important to do your research and find the tools that will upgrade your website or business. There is an ocean of tools that are free or affordable that will unleash your potential by making your work efficient and your time spent working more valuable!

Andrew B. Mazur is a highly skilled freelance writer and journalist. He is interested in education technologies and is always ready for informative speaking. In his free time, Andrew is interested in reading various blog posts about artificial intelligence, tech tools, and development. He always wants to spread his knowledge. Follow him on Twitter.

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