9 Tools Your Remote Team Should Use to Stay Connected, Productive, and Sane

Keep yourself connected using these great tools!


As we are fighting through the challenges of remote work, social restrictions, and globalization, it is not surprising that both small and large businesses try hard to keep sane as they collaborate. Keeping things accurate across various time zones and productivity levels is never easy. Therefore

Therefore, it is vital to implement a set of helpful tools that assist in terms of coordination. Even if you are a small developer with about five people working together, do not ignore learning new methods of improving your workflow and reaching a higher level of productivity.

1. Basecamp
It is one of the best solutions where you can keep all your projects in the same environment. It is a great team collaboration platform that provides customization and safety. However, it has no time tracking feature if it is important to you.


2. Slack
It is another great remote network platform that you will love because it is fully native for iOS and Android, which means that you can access it basically anywhere. It has everything done in real-time and supports archiving of your projects.


3. Dropbox
A great workspace where you can share large files, videos, and emails as you communicate via this great cloud storage. It also helps to save resources and funds as you share certain information. While you may not be able to share some private company’s data via Dropbox, it is good to upload your personal files for your studies. For example, you can share your grading rubric scans when you are looking for help online and would rather share direct file links. By contacting TopEssayWriting for work or academic assistance, you can share your instructions via Dropbox and then delete your files when you are done. Using such methods also keeps your data safe and accessible!

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4. Krisp
It is a great noise canceling app that helps to keep your video or audio calls clear. It helps to hear your customers or co-workers in a better way, which improves productivity and keeps you sane.


5. Todoist App
If you want to keep your tasks organized and would like to upload files, set reminders, and create a perfect productivity chart, look no further! If you always wanted to see something like Evernote but needed a simpler interface, it will work for your needs.


6. Blink
It is a great management tool that helps you with the calendar, discussion, time tracking, payment cards, internal network searching, databases, and more. You can even use it for work and studies as it is work-friendly and has several extensive features. It also has a built-in text editor, which helps you to compose business proposals and emails. If you need some inspiration for your business writing, take time to explore WritingUniverse and brainstorm various workflow ideas. You can install Blink on your mobile or tablet device.


7. Time Doctor
Speaking of time tracking apps alone, it is one of the safest and efficient. It can help you check individual work hours to see what are the best workflow strategies. You can also set various distraction firewalls and alerts. You may even install it as a Chrome add-on or use it on your smartphone. It provides a free account, which means that it is always possible to learn how it works. Regardless of your need to track web usage, see who works the best way, or create a report, time tracking will help you work anywhere.


8. Appear.in Video Collaboration App
If you are tired of Zoom and Skype and want something simpler that requires no registration or downloading of any software, this app will help you to keep things easier. You just have to create a special room link, share it by email (or via Slack), and this is it! It has group video conversation, support of numerous devices, and simple screen sharing. When you need to discuss your business projects anywhere, it is the safest bet!


9. Wooboard
A great platform that helps to recognize the merits of those employees that work in the most efficient way. You can create reward programs and let people receive bonuses and recognition. It also has great social engagement aspects that you can customize.


Getting Some Rest & Exercising
If you want to stay sane as you are working hard to meet your deadlines, do not forget about taking a break once in a while. Moreover, think about exercising even if it is just taking a walk in the park or running around your local neighborhood. You can add various fitness trackers to your set of tools and see how you progress. It is always a great way to keep fit and stay positive!


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