Best Windows 10 Apps to Stream NBA Games in 2021

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Now that the NBA 2021 season has already started, it is the perfect time to decide how to watch the live-action without missing a single game. Over time, we’ve discovered various ways of streaming live NBA games and watching them on any Windows device — from PC to Xbox One.

The NBA is packed with exciting action, jaw-dropping slam dunks, and unpredictable results. Therefore, it’s no surprise that passionate NBA followers also want to try their prediction skills and wager on the winner. Thanks to the growing number of reliable online betting platforms, you can now back your favorite team and root for them to win.

Even if you’re a rookie and know little about sports betting, you can use TwinSpires — a platform that can help you choose a favorite based on experts’ predictions.

Now, if you want to live stream the matches and follow them with your friends on a game night, we can recommend some of the apps and services that will give you a neat and glitch-free NBA stream. Afterward, you can weigh your options and decide which one is the best. Let’s get started!

NBA Staduim

Sling TV
If you’re a cord-cutter, Sling TV is by far the best option, especially for Windows 10 users. The Sling TV plans give you access to various channels, including TNT, ESPN, and NBA TV. By choosing Sling TV, you will also have a chance to watch a range of regional matches. On top of that, diehard fans can grab an NBA League Pass, which will allow them to enjoy all the best games with an HD live streaming option.

Although Hulu might not be your first choice for watching sports, it does offer great options. You can watch regional channels and follow live events, or you can turn on ESPN or TNT and watch premium action live. What’s more, Hulu has a Windows 10 app and is available for streaming via a browser of your choice.

If your go-to media hub is your Xbox, you’ll be happy to know that the NBA app will allow you to stream the matches on your console. In addition to live streams, you can also use the app to watch recaps of the games you’ve missed. Depending on your plan, your access might be limited, but if you want to go all the way and not miss a thing, you should consider going for a full League Premium Pass — it costs more, but it’s worth it!

TuneIn Radio
TuneIn Radio is known for its engaging and vivid match streams. So, if you prefer listening to the radio, or your work prevents you from watching, we suggest going for this app. You can listen to a play-by-play of every game and follow all NFL, NHL, and MLB broadcasts. The radio has an app available in the Microsoft Store and works neatly in a browser.

Although Tweeten isn’t a live streaming service, it provides a unique way of following the NBA. Namely, it is basically a Tweetdeck client that allows you to keep an eye on all the relevant and dramatic Tweets as the game unfolds. You can also get experts’ opinions, reviews, and match breakdowns.

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