Top Video Games on PC to Have Fun for Holidays

Tis the season for gaming!


We’re at that time of the year again. It’s that time we all gather together and catch up as family and friends as the year runs down on us. The winter holidays always come with a different feeling, perhaps due to the Christmas celebrations, the decorations, and the setting up of Christmas trees. No matter what you do or how you choose to spend this break, I don’t see how playing video games shouldn’t be a part of it. Whether you’re just spending time with yourself at home, traveling abroad, or hosting family and friends, you can enjoy your holiday even better with the right video games on your computer.

While there aren’t many common holiday-themed video games like you have the movies and TV shows, there are still several games that can get you in the holiday mood, and maybe the Christmas spirit. You have numerous options out there to choose from, but here’s my choice of top video games on PC to have fun during the holidays.

Destiny 2: The Dawning
This multiplayer shooter game is already a common feature to celebrate the winter holiday year after year, with "The Dawning." The main social hub of the game (The Tower) gets the wintery look with this.

For this year, cooking is the main theme for the Dawning. Perhaps, this would get you in the mood for some Christmas cooking. You have to look for ingredients within the game and return to Eva’s oven to bake some cookies at the Tower. The reason is that you’ll be exchanging these cookies for other loot, which includes the Avalanche Heavy Machinegun.

This event continues to run every week within the game and will reset on Jan 1.


Hitman 2 – Holiday Hoarders
This is the latest installment of the Hitman series, and different worldwide locales are working for assassination like elaborate sandboxes. It might not be the fuzziest and warm game to play for the Christmas holiday period. However, it has a chapter with the Christmas theme – "Holiday Hoarders." In this chapter, you have to find your way around Paris to complete a mission where you have to stop two thieves – Marv and Harry – from planning to steal Christmas presents. It’s very much like home alone, only that it’s deadlier.

For people that own Hitman 2, they get an automatic update. However, other people can get it on PC digital storefronts.

Hitman 2 – Holiday Hoarders


Dead Rising 4
No matter what season in the year you’re in, it’ll always be fun to use your electrified go-kart to run over zombies. However, the Christmas setting of Dead Rising 4 makes it stand out, adding explosive Santa traps, candy cane crossbows, and many other holiday weaponry for you to continue slaying those zombies.

The zombie outbreak in this game starts on Black Friday, and most of the action happens inside a mall and the stores that surround it. This means that you have the luxury of many items that you can use creatively to kill these beings.


Mafia II
A mafia game isn’t the most Christmas-like game you’ll look to play during the winter holiday. However, there’s a flashback sequence in the game that takes the player in time back to 1945 during the Christmas period, so this might as well count for something. Even without this, the Mafia II game is too interesting to ignore because it isn’t Christmas-themed. This game is a wonderful world-building game that establishes a fantastic noir setting highlighting the struggles between the Mafias living their American dream in their own best way and the law enforcement.

The great gameplay with brilliant driving mechanics and solid gunplay complements the storyline very beautifully and makes the game exceptional. This game is dramatic and gritty and fits into the reality of the period when the mafias and several criminal organizations were very powerful in the US and challenged the government. This game is undoubtedly going to make your Christmas evening.


Grand Theft Auto V
This is a very fantastic game all year long, and there’s a high possibility that you know and have played this game at some point. Although it isn’t a Christmas themed game, it has an online component with numerous special events with a holiday theme. It also has multiple custom races and multiplayer modes, etc., which are designed for Christmas. One time, it had a custom mission that turned you into little helpers for Santa, and you have to give money to poor people by robbing the bank. It’s fun and exciting. You’ll enjoy it.


The winter holiday and Christmas period is usually a special time in the year. As a gamer, it’s the time of the year when you get to properly relax and cool off the heat from the previous months of the year. With these games, you are sure to have a fun-filled holiday, especially coupled with having friends and families around to hang out with and play together.


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