5 Apps Every Student’s PC Should Have

Make learning a little bit easier with these helpful apps


The days when students took their notes with a pen and paper are long gone. Or when they planned their week with paper schedules. Or when they used post-its to set reminders. Now every student has a laptop that boosts his knowledge-seeking process. A laptop or a PC eases the life of a student incredibly. Technology has developed tremendously in the last years with the primary goal of easing the life of everyone who chooses to keep up the pace with it.

This adaptation to technology advancements can help students progress easier and accomplish all their tasks. There are a few apps every student could have on their laptop or PC that will make their study years easier. Even though most people would think that students are in just for the fun, using updated apps and gadgets helps them boost their productivity and study process.

There is an enormous number of apps that might be suitable for students and choosing the right one might be challenging. So, we have gathered five apps every student’s PC should have.

1. Any.do
Any.do is one of the most popular apps used by people who have busy agendas and schedules and do not want to forget about their tasks. This is especially useful and helpful for students who have a lot of tasks to take care of and need to-do lists. The best thing about Any.do is that it can be installed on every device, so whenever you want to add something, you can do it on the go. All data entries are synchronized with all the devices, so nothing will be lost.

Any.do helps students prioritize their tasks and mark them when they accomplish them. It is an app that helps students organize their time, plan their projects and agendas, and make sure they do not forget anything.


2. OneNote Notebook
OneNote Notebook is an app part of the Microsoft Suite that is focused on the notes you may take during classes or meetings. This app helps students organize their notes and replace the traditional notebook and pen with a more environmentally-friendly choice.

OneNote is developed so that it is easy to use in the classroom both by students and teachers. Besides taking notes, you can complement them by adding pictures, videos, tables, and many more. This app has in-built features that help students structure and organize their notes. At the same time, it is a nice collaboration tool teachers can use to assign tasks or offer feedback on students’ assignments.

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3. Dropbox
Dropbox is a nice cloud-based app that allows students to store different materials, documents, and files. It is like an online library where you choose what to store and that you can access from anywhere. This is especially important for students because they almost always carry their laptops with them. They need to work on team projects or they just want to change the environment where they study from.

So, Dropbox is that online library you can take with you. It can be used on smartphones, tablets, but PCs too and they are all synchronized, so you will not lose any document.


4. Google Drive
Some might think that Google Drive is similar to Dropbox, and in some ways it is. It also offers a virtual space where students can store documents, files, photos, and videos. But it also comes with a lot of features that could help students accomplish and organize their tasks easier.

There are Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Presentations, and many other features that can be used for free. The best thing about these is that everything is stored online, so in case your PC crashes, you have everything saved. These tools can be used whenever an assignment is started and they can be shared with anyone that has the link.

Google Drive is a nice app every student should have on their PC because it eases the collaboration process. Fellow students can also comment and edit the documents if the author gives them the right to do so.


5. MyHomework
MyHomework is one of the apps that every student should have on their PC. This app lets you organize your assignments and prioritize them by choosing your own color code. It also has an in-built feature of a calendar where you can plan your classes and homework.

There are two layouts you can visualize your entries in: in a calendar view or homework view. And you can also mark your tasks according to their status: solved, upcoming, or delayed.


Thanks to technological advancements, students can now organize their schedules and assignments easier. These apps help students keep track of their tasks, prioritize them, follow their agenda, and collaborate with their colleagues. And storing and sharing files hasn’t been easier until now.


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