The Best Emulators To Play Nintendo DS Games on Your Computer

Play your favorite Nintendo DS games on your computer

Nintendo DS

These days the most common form of gaming that involves old, retro games is using emulators. Today we will present you some of the best emulators for Nintendo DS that run on any computer. Then, all you have to do is to download NDS emulators and the games and you are ready to play. Let’s begin.


Citra 3DS Emulator

Citra 3DS Emulator is one of the best emulators of this type due to a simple reason. It is simple, it is completely free and it comes with all the essentials you will ever need. Basically, the emulator is open-source development which makes it versatile and can include all sorts of additions. It will run on any PC, Linux, and even Mac computers. All you have to do is to download it and you are ready to start. Keep in mind that this emulator doesn’t support other platforms..




It is another free emulator specifically developed for Nintendo DS games. Yes, you can use it for some commercial games as well. In general, the emulator is simple, free to use and comes with decent support. If you don’t need advanced features you will definitely have a lot of fun with this development.



No$GBA has been one of the oldest emulators of this kind. In essence, it is free to download and use but some updates are not free. It supports cheats, the ability to record gaming and also controllers. We also liked the fact the emulator is suitable for Nintendo DS, Lite and Game Boy platforms. It runs on PC machines that use Windows operating system. As such, it isn’t available for Linux and Mac computers.



Nintendo DS

One of the most using emulator for playing Nintendo DS games, we liked this emulator specifically for its massive compatibility. You can use it on all PCs and you can open most of the games. We also liked the fact it uses Open GL and comes with a lot of options. It is a bit more complicated to use than we liked but this probably won’t be an issue for most of you. This emulator has good graphic and is very easy to use.



This emulator is slightly different than others. The first thing to know is that you can use it for commercial games that are not supported by other emulators. Then we have the ability to use all kinds of tools the emulator offers and we can also run it with older computers that use Windows XP or Vista. The emulator is extremely simple to use and it comes with basic features. It is very popular among beginners and newbie’s. It’s one of the best emulators for playing retro games at this time.



Gaming Laptop

he best thing about RetroArch is the ability to run different games designed for different platforms. This made it a popular choice among gamers who wanted to try all kinds of games and who wanted to get the most out of the emulator. Compatibility rate is at the highest level, alongside the rate of supported systems. Just download it and enjoy playing the deferent kind of games.


The Final Word

These emulators are simple to use, they can be used on all computers and they come with all the features you will need. In a nutshell, you need to pay close attention to each one if you are looking for a well-developed and functional Nintendo DS emulator that supports most of the games developed for the platform. Which one is best for you? Try and see.

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