Find Older Versions of Popular Software

Just because something is new doesn’t always mean it’s better than the older version, especially when it comes to software. Plus there may come a time when you get some new software and it won’t run on your older version of Windows. Then that would just be a waste of money since you couldn’t use it without upgrading Windows too.

I’m sure there has been a time when you have installed the latest version of a particular program to find out that it is either buggy, more complicated or just doesn’t work as well as the older version you used to have. Then you realize you don’t have the installation files anymore to go back to the old version. What do you do? You can go to to download the previous version of the program. has many of the popular free software titles that most people use. Keep in mind you will not find software that you would normally have to pay for on the site. That would be illegal and none of us would ever do anything like that!

Some of the titles that offers include:

Adobe Reader
Windows Media Player

Check it out and see if you can find the old version you are looking for.

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