NoteTab Text Editor

NoteTab is a powerful text and HTML editor. It is much more powerful than the built in Notepad program that comes with Windows that most people use to edit text files. NoteTab handles a stack of huge files, lets you format text and even corrects your spelling mistakes.

NoteTab lets you build document templates, add bookmarks and convert text to HTML on the fly. You can handle multiple files with a simple tabbed interface and search files, strip HTML tags and format text quickly. It also allows you to build libraries of text macros to speed up your work.

NoteTab has a fully configurable toolbar with more than 90 commands available, and a Clipbar feature that lets you create your own toolbar buttons to execute custom scripts and wizards.

Here are the key features of NoteTab:

  • Open and edit many documents at once
  • Capable of editing huge text files
  • Text drag and drop editing
  • Auto correct/Auto replace mode
  • Clip tool for quick and easy text insertion
  • Capture text sent to Clipboard

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