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Computer security is a major issue nowadays with more and more hackers trying to gain access to your personal data to use for their crimes. If you use your computer for personal things such as banking, storing credit card information and confidential emails then you need to make sure you don’t let that information fall into the wrong hands.

If you need to clean your computer of all traces of your personal information for any reason at all such as selling it or giving it away, you need to make sure your data is actually erased. Even though you think you have deleted your personal information, including passwords, credit card numbers, previously deleted data, e-mail and more, there may still be traces left behind.

SecureClean can be used to remove all traces of personal data as well as improve system performance. After you install the program and run it you will notice the various options such as clean drives, scan drives and zap files.

Clean Hard Drive Data to Avoid Identity Theft:
Windows and other applications often leave snippets of your Internet activities out in the open, leaving you vulnerable to identity theft. SecureClean keeps your computer clean and helps protect you from identity theft by permanently removing unwanted disk clutter, web surfing history, and individual files, while leaving your programs, files, and operating system intact.

Clean Hard Drive Data to Improve System Performance:
By removing unnecessary data, traces of your information, and unwanted files, SecureClean effectively reclaims wasted disk space and keeps your computer clean. SecureClean maintains computer performance with regular cleanings.

SecureClean uses the same disk sanitizing methods developed by the U.S. Department of Defense and offers a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. Pricing for a single license is $39.95.

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