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Keeping your computer maintained is an important part in making sure its always running at its best. Over time, temporary files and registry entries build up which can bog your computer down or even cause errors. Many people know how to clear their Internet temp files but there are many more temporary type files that can be cleaned besides those from your web browser.

CCleaner is a free system cleaner and privacy tool. It removes unused and temporary files from your computer, which frees up disk space and makes Windows run faster. It also erases traces of your online activities such as clearing your web browser history and address bar entries. CCleaner will remove temporary files such as Internet files and cookies as well as other types of files such as log files and chkdsk files.

When you open CCleaner you will first see the Cleaner section. Here is where you have the program scan your computer for various file types as shown in the left hand pane. You can select which types of entries you want cleaned and which you don’t. There is a Windows tab for Windows files and an Applications tab for third party applications you have installed. To begin the process, select which items you want cleaned and then click on Analyze. When the analysis is complete you can click on Run Cleaner to have the files removed.


Next is the Registry section. The Issues section will help you find errors and old entries in the system registry. It is used in the same way that the Cleaner section is used.


After you scan for issues you can click on Fix selected issues to have them removed from the registry. Before the items are removed you will be prompted to back up the registry. It is highly recommended that you do this in case you need to undo any of the changes CCleaner makes.

The Tools section allows you to see what software is installed on your computer and allows you uninstall software if needed. It will also display the programs that are set to start when your computer boots. From here you can remove any items you don’t want to start with the computer. You can also see what browser plugins are installed on your computer, run the disk analyzer to see what type of files are installed on your computer as well as find duplicate files. And if you are paranoid about your deleted information you can use the drive wiper to clean up your drive to make sure your deleted files stay deleted.

Ccleaner Tools

The Options section is where you can change the way CCleaner works. For example you can have CCleaner run when the computer starts or check for updates automatically. You can also tell it what cookies you don’t want deleted when you run it among other more advanced options such as excluding certain files you don’t want removed and viewing individual cookies.

CCleaner is a free download and is updated regularly.

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