How to Create A Music CD Using Roxio Music Disk Creator

The Roxio Easy Media Creator suite has you covered when it comes to recording data, music and movie CDs and DVDs. One of the more widely used features of the suite is the Music Disk Creator which allows you to make music CDs from your MP3 and wav files as well as make MP3 CDs from your MP3 files on your hard drive.

Music Disk Creator allows you to import audio from various sources such as your iPod, rip tracks from CDs, import playlists, extract audio from DVDs, or record audio using a microphone. You can also use Quick Sound Editor to edit audio tracks, add effects and remove unwanted noises. You can also add song information, such as the artists name and the album title.

To make a music CD simply decide what type of CD you want to make from the left under Project Type. Then you would add your music to the project by choosing an option under the Add to Project section. You can add files from your hard drive, import songs from a CD or DVD or record your own audio. These samples were taken from version 10 of the software.

Once you add the audio you can drag the songs around to change the order that they will be recorded. You can also delete certain songs if you don’t want a particular one included on the disk as well as rename the tracks and other options. One nice feature is that you can right click a song and choose Edit Audio Tags which allows you to input or change things like the title and artist name etc and add artwork to the track.

When you have everything the way you want it then you can click on Burn to start the recording process. From here you can change options such as the write speed and number of copies to be made as well as other more advanced features.

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