Backup Your Mozilla Software with MozBackup

Many, but definitely not all people back up their computers to protect their data in case of a catastrophic computer failure. But those who do backup their computers normally just backup things such as documents, pictures and music.

Have you ever thought about backing up your email, calendar or web browser settings and data? If you use a lot of Mozilla software then you are in luck because they have a program that will help you backup your data.

MozBackup is a free utility that will backup Mozilla applications including the following programs:

    * Firefox
    * Thunderbird
    * Sunbird
    * Flock
    * Postbox
    * SeaMonkey
    * Mozilla Suite
    * Spicebird
    * Songbird
    * Netscape
    * Wyzo

When you run MozBackup it shows what Mozilla applications are on your computer and lets you choose which one you want to backup.

Next it gives you the backup options which will vary depending on what application you are backing up. These examples are for a Thunderbird backup. You will get an option to choose where to store your backup as well.

You also get the option to password protect your backup.

The process is fairly identical for other Mozilla programs just with different options.

MozBackup can be downloaded here for free.

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