Burning Movie DVDs with Windows DVD Maker

Nowadays everyone who has a computer is a movie producer, or at least thinks they are. If you are not one of those make your own DVD movies and show them to everyone kind of people but would like to be then it’s not really that hard to do. All you need is some software that comes built into Windows 7 and some movie files and you are ready to go.

All that is really involved to turn your movie files on your computer into DVD movies that you can play on your DVD player is to be able to find the files you want, arrange them the way you want, choose a menu template and burn the movie to DVD and then finally impressing your friends with your new found talent.

To get started click on your Start menu and open Windows DVD Maker and then the first step will be to add your movie and image files. Images will play like a slide show on your DVD. Most common video and image types will work such as AVI, WMV, BMP and JPG. You can even add sound files such as WAV files to your movie.

Once you import all your files you can change the order of how they will play by clicking on them and using the up and down arrows to rearrange them. Where it says DVD title you can type in the name of your movie and it will show on the DVD menu. In the lower left corner you are shown how much time is used up out of the total time allowed on the DVD.

Windows DVD Maker

Clicking on Options in the lower left will let you change things such as the video aspect ratio, its format as well as playback settings and DVD burner speed.

After you are satisfied with your movie layout click on Next and you can choose a menu style. As you click on each one it will show a preview of what the final menu will look like. Clicking on Preview will show you how it will look with the built in menu animations. Clicking on Menu text will let you change the text that is used for the title and menus as well as the fonts and colors. The Slide show button is where you can change the slide show options for picture presentations such as transitions and how long each picture is shown on the screen. You can also add music to play along with your slide show.

Windows DVD Maker

Once you are done adjusting all your settings simply click on Burn and make sure you have a blank DVD in your drive (and also that you have a DVD burner!) and your movie will be created and burned for you.

Windows DVD Maker is included in Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate and Enterprise.

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