Ten Competitive Advantages of Video Conferencing

Video conferencing has become part of enterprise communication. Businesses use it to reduce their costs related to travel and improve employee productivity. According to Remote’s website, 87 percent of remote workers felt more connected using online multimedia systems and 82 percent reported less stress. Some even said they find it more useful than regular physical meetings as they have a set time frame and are more focused.

The saving in terms of travel costs is not the only advantage that online platforms provide. conference call for the IT sector with software like Blue Jeans has a lot more advantages which make a compelling case for organizations to use it..

No Time Limitations
Calls over the web can be scheduled at any stage with no restrictions on how long they can run. Time difference between countries is not an issue because people need not travel to meetings. They can attend the meetings right from the comfort of their respective locations.

Better Communication
This system improves communication as participants can use some sophisticated tools to make their points clear like whiteboards, text exchange, screen sharing, file and media sharing, recording, etc. All these tools can improve the communication and make companies achieve their targets faster and bring synergy to the teamwork.

Increased Productivity
Organizations can improve the productivity of employees since they will have more hours to spend on their work instead of traveling. Employees will also be more focused due to less stress as they can now devote more days to their family and contribute to the professional growth. Decisions will also be made quicker, and meetings can become shorter and more efficient. Feedback will be instant, and this can help staff improve faster.

Training staff across countries is not a problem anymore. People can be trained and kept up to date with the latest technologies, and individuals can learn fast with the help of a group. Enterprises can design education and training programs, which can be delivered through video conferencing to reach any employee. Colleagues can interact and ask questions and learn about products and company and become more productive.

Useful for a Broad Range of Activities
Businesses can use this technology for a full variety of activities. They can also be used to encourage and motivate staff. Even celebrations can be planned, and higher ups in the organization can motivate others down the line. Doubts can be clarified in real time so that IT employees are clear about what to do, and there is no ambiguity in any situation.

Extensive Exposure
As people from different cultures and geographical locations with different practices meet and discuss, there will be a lot of variety in ideas and fewer chances of bias. It will provide full exposure for learning. There is a wider scope for innovation and out-of-the-box thinking and organizations can utilize it to bring about synergy that can propel a company’s growth exponentially.

Cost Savings – Money and Space
Apart from savings in time, it also provides a lot of savings regarding money and space. As reported on the Reuters website, 47 percent of Aetna employees work from home and a majority of their workforce have a desk in the office. Enterprises need not have huge offices and should allow personnel to bring their own devices, thus reducing the infrastructure costs.

Talent Pool
The recruitment policy of the business itself changes because companies now are no longer restricted to hire an employee from any particular geographical location. It helps businesses engage anyone from a remote location especially if they are better suited and come at a much cheaper cost. It helps organizations grow rapidly.

Wider Reach
Companies can use it to not just interact with their personnel but also with their customers, suppliers, and all the stakeholders. It allows businesses to expand their reach and build their brand internationally. Businesses can now have customers from any part of the world and service them satisfactorily.

Environmentally Friendly
It is one of the best environmentally friendly options. It helps reduce the carbon footprint and can reduce global warming. We could be part of saving the planet, as doing this is equivalent to planting trees.

Better Security
These systems can also be used for purposes of safety. Companies can have systems placed within their remote offices and monitor personnel by calling on them whenever you require any information. It makes employees more attentive and responsible since they are made accountable and have to report to the head office about achievements every day or week.

The advantages are tremendous. It is up to the user to exploit these benefits and use it to the advantage of the company and for themselves. A tool in the hands of a responsible person can be a great advantage but when not utilized properly all the benefits can be lost and can even turn out to be damaging. IT companies should make maximum use of video conferencing systems by better understanding its benefits.

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