Frequently Asked Questions - Spyware Common Questions and Answers

FAQs - Spyware Common Questions and Answers
Here you will find questions and answers to common spyware topics.
Every time I get online, something redirects my home page. I can't go to links thru email, etc.How can I fix this myself without completely erasing hard drive and reinstalling?

For the most part spyware is not too hard to get rid of. There are a few of them that are really hard to get rid of and you may have to format and start over. Did you check out our spyware page for help? There are many free tools you can use to remove spyware from your computer.

Be sure to check your startup items too (MSconfig) to make sure there is nothing that seems out of place. Its better to do the spyware scans in Safe Mode as well. Make sure you update the spyware programs running them as well.

You should also check your Programs and Features too see if there are any items in there that don't belong and remove them as well.

How do I remove Weatherbug from my computer?

To remove Weatherbug all you need to do is to stop it from running and then uninstall it.

1. Right click on the temperature/WeatherBug icon and select Terminate or Exit WeatherBug.
2. Go to Control Panel (Start, Control Panel or Start, Settings, Control Panel).
3. Double click Add/Remove Programs or Programs and Features
4. Find the entry for WeatherBug.
5. Click Add/Remove and follow the instructions to uninstall it.

You may want to run some other spyware scans to make sure you do not have other malware on your computer.

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How can I clean my PC from spyware and viruses for free without buying anything?
There are a few effective utilities that you can use to check for spyware and viruses that are free. I would download and install /support-categories/spyware/575-malwarebytes-spyware-scanner to begin with. Malwarebytes checks your computer for known spyware and removes it from your system. The spyware definitions are constantly updated so you can always be up to date. There are other free programs that you can check out on our spyware page.

I would like to get rid of multiple desktop icons/programs that have installed themselves. Thanks

It sounds like you have a spyware infection. Certain spyware programs will install themselves and place icons on your desktop related to things such as dating and adult sites.

I would download, install and update some anti spyware software and run it to see if you can clear up any spyware on your system. You should be able to delete the icons from your desktop but if the spyware is still present then they will most likely come back.

You can also check your Programs and Features for any software that shouldn't be installed and remove it. You can also check your startup items using MSconfig to make sure nothing is starting with your computer that shouldn't. Check out our spyware section for free programs and more help.

The following error message was displayed on my computer. Message system alert, Windows found critical systems errors. Failure to act now may result in data loss.
This sounds like one of the more popular online scams by a company selling a product such as Registry Repair. If it is trying to get you to download and buy it then don't click on anything that will download the software. The errors are most likely fake to scare you into buying the software. I would run some spyware scans to make sure you don't have anything on your system as well just to be safe. There are many free and effective programs you can use.

I keep getting popups that says I need to go to to download and fix the problems and when I do they want money to fix these problems.
The Registry Cleaner popup is just a trick to get you to buy their software. They say you have problems and try to scare you into buying the software. The software most likely would make your computer worse if you installed it. Since you are getting popups you should do some spyware scans and see if they find any infections.
I keep getting this Error Loading C:\Program Files\Common Files\Paretologic\UU521UUS.dll Message. Can you help me stop this from popping up and tell me what it is caused from?

It looks like you have some antispyware software from Parteo Logic installed on your computer. You may have installed it or it may have been installed on there when you got the computer or even got installed by itself like many of those so called antispyware programs do. Many of them tend to do more harm than good.

If this is something you installed on your computer and want to keep then you can try to reinstall it to have it fix the dll problem you are getting. If not then you can go to Programs and Features and uninstall it to get rid of the error. If the error still persists then you can check your startup items using MSconfig and find the section related to the software and uncheck the box next to it.

If you do uninstall it you may want to run the free CCleaner program to clear out any leftover files and registry entries that may get left behind.

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I downloaded Malwarebytes to remove a virus which it did. I also downloaded a Windows Service Pack. Since doing so Windows Defender won't turn on and I receive an error message. What should I do?

There is a good chance that the spyware you had on your computer did something to corrupt your Windows Defender installation. You can try and run the Windows System File Checker and see if it will fix the issue with Windows Defender on your computer. The Windows System File Checker will scan your computer for corrupt or missing system files and replace them as needed. You may need to have your Windows DVD handy in case it asks for it if it needs to copy any files.

If you got this spyware\virus on your computer not too long ago then a System Restore may be the way to go to get rid of the spyware and get Windows Defender working again. It will restore your system settings to the date that the last restore point was made. It won't change any of your documents or other files. Just be sure to choose a date for the restore that was before you got the spyware or virus.

As a final option you may want to try Microsoft Security Essentials as a replacement for Windows Defender. It's a free download from Microsoft and does basically the same thing plus more.

I had the error "Windows could not automatically detect this network's proxy". I had trouble with that. I ran the virus and malware check, found both, and removed them from the computer but I still can't connect to the internet with IE.
Have you checked your proxy settings in Internet Explorer? Sometimes malware items will change your proxy settings making it hard to get a normal connection to the internet. Since your scanning software found some malware there is a good chance that your proxy settings were changed and need to be set back to the way they were. In Internet Explorer go to Tools and then Internet Options and click on the Connections tab. From there click on the LAN settings button and make sure that the box under Proxy server is not checked. Sometimes you may want to check the box that says Automatically detect settings depending on your configuration.

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