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FAQs - Internet Explorer
Here you will find questions and answers to common Windows topics.
I keep getting this IE message that says something like current security settings prohibit running How do I go about getting to my security settings to do the necessary changes so my active x can run?

For your Active X problem you can go to Internet Explorer and change your security level to medium.

From the Tools menu click Internet Options
Click the Security tab
Click the Custom level button
Where it says Reset Custom Settings, pick Medium from the drop down menu
Click the Reset button
When asked to confirm, click Yes
Click Ok

If you are running a professional version of Windows try enabling active x through local group policy.

Click Start then Run
Type gpedit.msc and click Ok
Double click User Configuration\Windows Settings\Internet Explorer\Maintenance\Security
Double click Security Zones and Content Ratings on the right side
Under Security Zones and Privacy, click Import the Current Security Zones and Privacy Settings and click Modify
In the Security Tab, click Default Level and click Ok.

I need to import my Internet Explorer favorites to my work computer, how do I do it?
1. On the File menu, click Import and Export, and then click Next.
2. Click Export Favorites and then click Next.
3. Click Favorites and then click Next.
4. Browse to where you want to save the Bookmark.htm file which will contain your favorites. You can save it on your desktop to make it easy.
5. Click Next and then click Finish.

If you are using IE7 or 8 and don't have the File menu they right click on the toolbar and select Menu bar.

To import your favorites do the following:

1.Copy the Bookmark.htm file from your other computer to a disk, CD or flash drive.
2.Open Internet Explorer on your work computer and click on File and then Import and Export and click Next.
3. Click Import Favorites and then click Next.
4. Browse to where you saved the Bookmark.htm on your disk and click Next. 5. Click on Favorites and click Next.
6. Click on Finish.

How can I increase my search history time in Internet Explorer so it goes back further?
By default Internet Explorer only keeps track of the past 20 days of internet history. If you want to increase this number go to Tools, Internet Options and then click on the Settings button under Browsing History. There you can type in a number of days or click the up or down arrow to make your adjustments.

My Internet Explorer does not show the standard buttons, address bar and tools options.

If you right click on the grey bar where the icons are you will get a menu where you can check and uncheck what items you want displayed. If you want to show the standard File menu etc then make sure the Menu Bar option is checked.

To change what buttons/icons are on your toolbar choose Customize Command Bar and then choose Add or Remove Commands. From there you can pick which buttons are shown on your toolbar.

I’m getting a message when opening Internet Explorer that says it can't be opened using the built in administrator account and to sign in with a different user account and try again.

This happens with certain programs on Windows server operating systems and is pretty easy to fix. The first thing you need to do is to go into the local security policy by typing in secpol.msc in the run or search box and press enter to bring up the local security policy for the server. Then click on Local Security Policy and navigate to Security Settings > Local Policies > Security Options. Then you need to double click on the setting that says “User Account Control: Admin Approval mode for the Built-in Administrators Account” and enable it.

Next you will need to edit a registry setting. From the run or search box type in regedit and press enter. Then you will navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System\UIPI. On the right side, double click on default and change the value to “0×00000001(1)” and click OK. Finally restart the server and you should be able to use Internet Explorer after that.

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