3 Ways to Get Into Safe Mode in Windows 10

Boot Your Computer Into Safe Mode to Troubleshoot Issues Windows has a special startup mode called Safe Mode that allows you to boot your computer with a minimal amount of drivers loaded… Read More

Using the Microsoft Store to Install and Run Apps

Go Shopping For Apps at the Microsoft Store Starting with Windows 8, Microsoft decided they wanted to have their operating system be more standardized between desktop computers and tablets. So they decided… Read More

Uninstall Unwanted Windows Apps

Get Rid Of Those Unwanted Windows Apps Starting with Windows 8, Microsoft introduced to the concept of apps which are applications you can use on the PC and tablet version of Windows.… Read More

Windows Versions and Features

The Windows operating system has been around since the mid 80s and many people have never used a computer with anything else but Windows installed on it. Some people don’t even know… Read More
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