Intel Optane Memory

Do you want to make your hard drive faster?   If you pay any attention to the latest and greatest technology and how it seems to improve on a daily basis in… Read More

Fixing Search Issues In Windows 10

Help Windows find what you are looking for   The search function in Windows 10 is very useful. Not everyone remembers where a file, photo, video, documents, etc, are stored on their… Read More

Microsoft to Bring Back Optional Windows Updates

Windows 10 Optional Updates Coming Soon If you can remember the good old days of Windows 7 where we got to decide what patches we installed on our computers when it came… Read More

Use Windows Photo Viewer in Windows 10 & 11

You might have noticed when you upgraded to Windows 10 or 11, assuming you were on an older version of Windows to begin with that many of built in programs you used… Read More

Windows Storage Management and Cleanup

Time For Some Windows 10 Spring Cleaning!   Windows 10 is the latest and greatest (and supposedly last) version of the Microsoft Windows desktop operating systems and it comes with many new… Read More

Access Denied Error When Trying to Connect to an Administrative Share

Restore Access to Your Admin Shares!   The ability to share files and folders in Windows over a network is essential when it comes to making the most of your networked computers.… Read More

Windows ReFS (Resilient File System)

Will the New Microsoft ReFS Replace NTFS? Anyone who uses a computer knows what a file is… hopefully! Files can be anything from Word documents to pictures to program executables to Windows… Read More

3 Ways to Get Into Safe Mode in Windows 10

Boot Your Computer Into Safe Mode to Troubleshoot Issues Windows has a special startup mode called Safe Mode that allows you to boot your computer with a minimal amount of drivers loaded… Read More

Uninstall Unwanted Windows Apps

Get Rid Of Those Unwanted Windows Apps Starting with Windows 8, Microsoft introduced to the concept of apps which are applications you can use on the PC and tablet version of Windows.… Read More
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